What Scope Does The Military Use – Beginners Guide

You might aware or not modern weapons based on military design, and engineering is very popular among civilian firearms fans. Like, the AR-15. Its made based on military M4 and become extremely popular from the starting.

Military scopes are not fixed in one or two places. There are so many choices out there as military scopes. Military snipers use different units as optics for separate sections so they get the sharpest view for their job.

Civilians may not require that high-fi facility, but a single military optic can provide great difference compared to ordinary optics. And that is why we are here.

Best military Scopes for Civilian Weapons

In this article, we are going to talk about some best long range scope/ best 1000 yard scopes used in the military or whether or not you should use them or not.

Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight was mainly used by the individual units before, but now these are like more used optics in conventional units in the Marine and Army. This best scope of military weapon is very popular among civilians too.

For the civilians the Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, TA31RCO-A4CP, TA31RCO-M150CP, TA31RC-M4CP, and some other version of 4×32 are ommonly used. Some other versions like, ACOG/RMR combo offers excellent insight and good for overall handling.

You may find some other models with different magnification available in the civilian market also. I like the Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight especially because of its sight and durability.

They use the fiber optics for the red dot which don’t require any battery. It’s extremely accurate and easy to shoot. But one downside of it, is they are very pricy.

EOTech 553

Want to try something different? Then have a look into EOTech 553. It gives you kind of red dot like sight. Actually, EOTech gives holographic sight. It has the reticle which is a hologram that is illuminated by a laser. The reticle of the optics is very small which increase the accuracy of it. The price of the optics is same as the Aimpoint CompM4. Overall, if you need an accurate sight view for casual shooting, you can consider having this one.

M68 Close Combat Optic

I think M68 CCO is one of the common optics used in US military. Its because the company has a contract with the army to supply these optics all the units of theirs. And they have more than hundreds of M68 for their self.

Civilians can also get these optics from Aimpoint CompM4. You should try it because it’s very reliable, easy to operate and long-lasting beside than the cause, its use in the army sector. The accuracy of the lenses is very pleasing.

Unertl 10-power scope

The Unertl 10-power scope is designed to offer focus at multiple targets from a different distance. Its used on the M82A1A .50 caliber sniper rifle with rifle scope mounts. It can go with any gun that planned to target human or vehicles. Many professional snipers like to use the scope for its great convenience. It’s handy and powerful and pretty much reasonable.

Leupold Mark 4

Now, look into some sniper’s favorite optics that used in the military. Leupold Mark 4 is one of the best choices of experienced snipers. Good news is its available for commoners as well.

You could find different magnification range of Leupold Mark in the market. And all of them are very high in quality.

Leupold Mark V

This scope is the new member of Leupold but indeed the brightest one. It’s lighter and offers a brighter definition that anyone wants. The accuracy you need to see a target through the scope is the most important thing.

The Leupold Mark V Hd is best for hunting, outdoor trade show, shooting and so on. This scope offers 5-power zoom. But is way lighter than any same powered military rifle scope. And the light transmission is better than Mark IV and 4.

The Mark IV is the oldest popular system and used as power scope for 308 rifle for both military and civilians since the 1990s. The Leupold Mark V would replace the IV. But the company will alive the legacy and continue to produce this one for the defense department of US army.

Nowadays, Marin and Army weapon sectors use digital technology in their weapons. So the scopes also have features that are computer programmed and operatable with the computer. Manufacturers are now trying to make scopes or guns with advanced digital technology. But Leupold is not in form to starting computerization in the scopes. But their high-quality glass and other configuration meet the requirement of any advance snippers.

It offers real crystal accuracy, the convenience of use. Overall its reasonable price so one can afford it.

Schmidt & Bender PMII

Here is another best scopes tan military snipers commonly use is the Schmidt & Bender PMII. You will find massive verity of magnification too in this model name like the Leupold Mark 4. The quality of the scope is A one but price is a little higher than the first one. The using procedure of the scope is little advance. So the experience level of shutter should use this.

Final words

At the end all I can say that, you could find a vast variety if scopes that could be used for hunting or shooting. The models we discuss here is just the beginning. Some other scopes I found during research which are mainly used for machine guns and guaranteed launcher, these were interesting, but civilians may not want or need that kind of scopes. So, sticks with normal ones.

Still, you may need something extra and you are free to get them if your license and state law allow that.

You can defiantly try to consider having these best scopes for you shooting or hunting practice with necessary units. Also, don’t forget to compare your selected scopes with your weapon. Your seller could answer that better, or you will find that in the description. So, choose the best, shop wisely!

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