What Is Eye Relief On A Scope? – [Eye Relief Explained]

Have you experienced a smack in the face with your rifle scope? If yes then you need to set the eye relief. If you’re asking, what is eye relief on a scope, then you definitely need to read on.

Even you have the view from your scope in the whole, but you have to scrunch your neck while having the view, the eye relief is not set properly.

For hunters, the best eye relief scope is the best companion. They don’t need to view the full image of the target sticking the eyes in the scope. The eye relief does all the work.

Eye relief is the distance from the eye scope where the eye pupil will enter to have the full view. Without the eye relief, if you hold the scope too close – you will see a fuzzy image and if you hold it too far – the image will be like a dot in the center. So, eye relief is important for a scope.

What you need to know more about eye relief

Let’s get this straight, eye relief is for all the optics whether it is rifle scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars.

But the modern optics already have the eye relief, so for new users, there are no worries.

The thing is you have to know how to do all the calculation with the eye relief. Usually, the measurement comes in millimeter or inch, and it is for the exit pupil.

The optics use the lenses to magnify the light; then the light diverts to the light cone that passes through the eyepiece.

The exit pupil usually comes in a large size than the used one. The size helps to keep the visual in place even the user moves slightly. This is known as vignetting.

As the eye relief allows to view the image clear by calculating the distance, so the users can enjoy any view like bird watching or sight viewing without missing anything.

The standard eye relief of scope is 1 ½ inch.  As a new user, you have to start from this low magnification power and go up to 2 ½ inches.

Now the thing is, you cannot enjoy any view without a perfect rifle scope and a proper eye relief. With the eye relief, the image gets large and clear. You need an eye relief even you wear an eyeglass, and it is all for the clear image.

What to consider while picking an eye relief

You will need a large eye relief. That is because the larger the eye relief will be, the image will be that much clearer. So you have to check the size of the eye relief and the optic also.

The google users have to pick the optic that has a large one because they have to allow to see the view without risking any glass damage.

Thanks to the modern sporting optics that they have installed a built-in eye relief, so you will not have to take the extra hassle to get an eye relief. But you will need a rotating eye cap for the eye relief.

You have to check the durability of the eye relief as you can’t bear a wrong eye relief for your scope. The material has to ensure you to give longtime service.

I know some will get confused but pricey eye relief is highly recommended. Because a good eye relief comes at a high price and they promise a long-time service.

Adjusting the eye relief

As most of the scope has no built-in eye relief. The user has to learn the adjustment.

The adjustment is all about the fitting your neck length, buttstock length, shoulder thickness, and your cheek shape – all these have to be in the position to allow to keep your eye position properly.

There is some simple way to adjust the eye relief:

  • You have to be sure about the distance about the rear scope ring. The ring has to be near the rifles eject port.
  • The ring cap stays tighten with screws. You have to loosen them. This will allow sliding the scope to adjust.
  • As for the hunters, they have to adjust the eye relief before putting on the heavy clothes.
  • Make sure the lens cap is removed, and the magnification power is to be set in the highest number. The highest power setting will give the shortest view range.
  • Your position affects eye relief. Adjust the eye relief in a proper way so that you can put your position in a comfortable place.
  • Slide the eye relief until there is no perimeter shadow.

Variations of eye relief:

There are different models and brands of eye relief scopes. There are also different ranges in the long and short zoom ranges.

Let me give an example – a 3×9 scope means the eye relief range is greater in 3x than the 9x.  So, don’t pick a 14x or 20x scope for a .300 Winchester Magnum, pick the lesser one.

Wrapping up

Eye relief is a required device for keeping an eye on the target or a view. In this article, you got information about eye relief and the importance. Honestly, I have shared my personal experience as once upon a time I was a hunter.

For the lens, users have to understand the need of the eye relief because it ensures a clear image in a perfect distance.

If you fail to pick the proper eye relief, I am sorry you will experience a bad view and a horrible experience with your scope.

Take your time when you are thinking of getting one, check the variations and specifications and take the one that fulfills your requirement — happy ranging with your scope.

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