Vortex Crossfire ii 6 24×50 Review – [Serious Starter Scope]

There are a number of rifle scopes that can shoot. But getting a scope that also meets other basic requirements and your essential needs is a true blessing.

Vortex right now is such brand that has been quite prominent in the Scope industry. And so, I decided to pick one of their best model Vortex Crossfire ii 6 24×50 and write a review on it.

Not breaking the bank and still getting a high-quality scope is something that’s hard to get. But then you come across the Crossfire II series from the very hyping brand Vortex.

The advanced features, assurance, and multiple model choice, the brand truly is the perfect blend of quality and worth.

There are also other dominating features to talk about and rely on for optimum shooting accuracy. Mostly the shooters who move in any weather will love the usability.

This is a brand with the highest peak of reliability, and equally, good performance is truly a bliss that any shooter would love to own.

For Whom:

All the discriminating shooters and hunters will absolutely love the design of the series. Vortex has made sure there are tons of features that help a pro hunter lacking the need to pay too much. Shooters should look into this particular product if they want features such as

  • Waterproofing
  • Aluminum construction
  • Fog proofing, and
  • Multi-coated lens.


  • There is a 50mm objective diameter.
  • Non-illuminated type reticle also fit within.
  • 30mm tube diameter included.
  • 6x to 6.9x is the least variable power range.
  • 20x to 24x is the most variable power range.
  • The second focal plane reticle for a better image.
  • Adjustable objective type support enhancement.
  • Sleek matte black finish.
  • Crosshair reticle also present.
  • 3.8” to 4.4” eye relief support.

Features and Benefits of  Vortex Crossfire ii 6 24×50 :

1. Fast Focus Eyepiece.

One of the most dominant features of the Vortex Crossfire 6 24×50 is the fast-focus eyepiece. This makes it super easy and very quick to adjust the focus when using the scope. All you do is twist a bit on the knob, and the dial will show you a sharp picture.

2. Multi-coated Lens.

The light transmission is good enough to reduce glares that happened on the surface of the glass. Thanks to the multi-coated lens it delivers an optimum transmission every time. The color seems very bright and blur-free. At the time to shoot, you won’t be fighting with your rifle to get a clean focus image.

3. O-ring Support.

When you get hunting in the rainy seasons or the watery environment, you are always supposed to be worrying about dampness and moisture attack. Well, in this model the use of O-ring makes sure no unwanted water or dirt is coming your way. The waterproof aluminum construction is also responsible here.

4. Nitrogen Gas Purging.

Internal fogging is another issue that gun shooters face. It makes the snowy environment risk and hassle to shoot for. But with Vortex Crossfire 6 24×50, you are at peace. The nitrogen gas purging is at your rescue, and you will experience no internal fogging at all. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Multiple Reticle

Three lens supports makes it a super quality image viewer that will make all your shot on target. That’s the most important part with scopes since they are in the business for accuracy. And using three reticles that define separate benefits means you are going to have the best suit for your eye. The three reticles are V-Plex, Dead-hold BDC, and V-Brite.

6. Illumination Property.

The V-Brite version, the reticle in Vortex Crossfire 6 24×50 makes sure you get enough light for low light situations. It inhales the battery power and then gradually lights up the center. The illuminative property is a savior at nighttime hunting. Since it’s the most thrilling time to get your guns out and shoot down.

  • The Good quality material with optimum construction makes sure for better durability.
  • Perfect for any situation since waterproof and also fog proof.
  • Numerous size, reticle and power choices available for various needs and requirements.
  • Easy to handle and lightweight to carry.
  • Perfect shooting accuracy at all times.
  • Easy fixing or replacement possible and good time warranty coming along.
  • It might be a limited scope for a few shooters if AR platforms are not the main concern.


Is the Sight clarity good at 24?

The clarity is quite nice since it uses razor HD quality glass. The different size crossfires allow for unbeatable performance, and that’s one of the main reason for such quality. 24 is enough to watch bullet trace from hit paper even in a 100-yard field.

What’s The Accurate Weight?

It says the weight is 2.6 pounds in the description that is available. We tried and tested to know the truth. The weight is almost 23.6 ounces.

Does it Support Ruger Guns?

Of course, it does. It is well capable of performing perfectly with most gun models. I have an American 30.06 one, and it supports pretty well and shoots quite accurately. So need to worry about it.

How will AR mounts work?

AR-P.E.P.R is going to work pretty fine. In this case, you need a two” forward. The positioning space will let you have better and correct eye relief. The proper shooting position should be held. So you don’t have to be concerned about it.

Can I Use a Flip-Up scope cover?

Yes, you certainly can. I also use one, and I only set in the mid of controlling. Next, I simply get the caps to mount. This way I find it most accurate and the adjustments seems 100% suitable.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, this Vortex Crossfire 6 24×50 Review was helpful, and you have taken a decision. In the run of most of the scope charging double of what they give, the Crossfire II makes it easy for you to save your precious money. It could be a perfect shooting scope for targeting practice and also matches.

The durability is impressive, and the construction quality is amazing. A clear picture with rigid structure and so much more makes it a fair choice to make. Another good thing about Vortex that I appreciate is the fact that they really care for the investment you make. And so you get a good means of warranty to get yourself covered from damage and defects.

In short, I don’t see any big or problematic issue that should stop you from buying the scope. After all, when it’s about shelling out a reasonable amount of money for a high-quality scope, who would say no?

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