How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting – A Tutorial

For a hunter, probably the happiest moment is when they hit the target. The feel is perfection, as time stand still, the moment suspended like a scene from The Matrix.

However, when I was just starting, I had a hard time making accurate shots. By then I was quite familiar with scopes and heard a lot about it from my partner for advice on how to use a scope for long range shooting.

I asked for suggestions, did some research, and finally made a choice and made a purchase! I still remember how amazed I was to see my targets so close and clear. I loved it!

If you are a beginner, there should be questions like how to mount it, the zeroing process, and stuff like that. So I thought to write about how to use a scope for long range shooting with this easy tutorial. It’s time to use your best long range scope guys!

Proper Mounting Is Important

One important thing on how to use a scope for long range shooting is mounting! I won’t be discussing the whole procedure of mounting. But I want to mention a vital part of this process. Making sure that the scope is level with the rifle. The vertical crosshair will need your attention. Make sure it’s aligned perfectly with the firearm’s vertical middle line.

The best 100 yard scope will be easy to follow this part. When you are hunting or shooting with nearby range a minimum vertical crosshair will not make much impact. But for the longer range shooting, you cannot afford even the slightest misalignments. This will cause a lateral miss while shooting.

Suppose, if a one-degree scope makes an error then it will shift the point of impact 5 inches at thousand yards.

It’s super simple to level the crosshair. You just have to ensure that the rifle finds the perfect level. Next, simply line up the vertical crosshair with an item that you already know dead on vertical. Or maybe you can use some sort of tool like scope setter.

Systematic Zeroing Vs. Shortcut Evil Solutions

When you are dealing with closer range shoot that is less than a couple hundred yards then maybe the evil quick methods like one-shot zero will do fine. It’s okay if you care about closer range minutes while getting accuracy for that case.

But for the best 1000 yard scope it’s absolutely useless. You must go in a systemic way or lineup to get a good zeroing result. If you are using a thousand yards scope then tiny errors at short ranges will give you big problems.

It’s very vital to follow the guidelines and avoid the one-shot zeroing system. I am fond of three-shot groups mostly. This lets me have a decent average impact point. I can utilize scope, rifle, and ammunition power together.

It will also help to avoid shooter errors. If three shots land in similar areas while trying out, you can be sure that the scope is perfect for both you and your rifle.

Repeatability of Zero

This test would help you to safeguard that the scope you are having is reliable. Especially when it comes to its ‘zero’ beginning point. Major of all, make certain you are using a correct rifle with a calm barrel. Mount the scope conferring to manual commands. Take extra defenses to safeguard that the rifle is steady.

For that determination, rests and a stable bench can be a good choice. You won’t have any breeze here, as it might twist the results. So only handle these trials on a calm, no wind day. Zero the elevation adjustments turret and have a shot.

Then try the elevation turret a few times. Do it through the whole range and get it again to zero. Shoot one more time. The two shots must fall in the right same hole, no divergences are welcoming.

Then at random spin, the elevation handles through numerous spins and dial it again to zero. Make one more shot and see if it repeats. A decent long range scope will have no difficulty here.

Avoid Old Fashion Ethics

Even though I too query the ethics of certain “long range hunters” the detail is that long distance accurateness is possible. With the correct information, gear, experience, and moral strength, it is very possible to be fruitful.

If one does not understand when to avoid on a shot due to circumstances that are outside the shooter’s aptitude to recompense for, it is very probable he would also make deprived ethical rulings when doing some shooting sport at close range.

Sadly barring these ethics at shooting is not possible. These are probably the cause long range hunting is watched in a bad light by countless people.

The commercial end of long-range shooting has come to battle with the morals of it. There is a setback with various television shows and adverts. They show a proficient long-range gunman take an animal at thousand yards, move to the camera, and say a bit to the effect, “with this and this a product… it is just that simple”.

Maybe what must be said is, “with commitment, study, testing in a host of conditions, many rounds of practice, and this and this a tool, it could be this simple”. Sounds absurd and it is not going to sell things, but it is the fact.

These stupid ethics are zero to make you get better in long range shooting. Don’t get fooled by this and start assuming you would be able to shoot well following the product they suggest. Instead, ignore them totally.

Some videos will explain how you should be using scopes so that you buy a similar brand scope to make an advertisements benefit. Know well about them and avoid these ethics or way of using a scope.


Using the right rifle scope is a must. While knowing how to use a scope for long-range shooting properly is a blessing. You’ll be pleased with your shooting results. Don’t forget to get a decent quality scope that is good enough to tackle your needs. Consider some important factors to get an ideal type. Make sure you have fun!

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