Rifle Scope Set Up: Tips from Experience

If you are a newbie in the shooting, your search is reliable and acceptable for me. But if you are there for quite some time and you still don’t know the process of setting up a rifle scope, it is very disappointing.

Maintaining a rifle scope is like a key thing for the shooters. So, as a shooter, you must have to know how to set up a scope. Because while you will set the scope, you will get the chance to fix all the things as you want.

Mounting a rifle scope is not a big deal. It is a very easy job. I will help you to sort it out. The first thing you need to do is go through the content attentively. Do not miss any details. It will guide you to your goal.

Mounting your rifle scope

First of all, get yourself a better performing rifle scope. Traditional rifle scopes are not convenient enough that the modern scopes. You can enjoy some amazing feature with the modern one.

For example, the traditional scopes provide a ring, but the European or Helical-style eyepieces don’t have any lock ring.   So, check for the top rifle scope brand before grabbing one.

Match Bases and Rings

Almost all the modern rifles are tapped and pre-drilled for the scope bases. Sometimes they are grooved for the particular mounting attachments.

The ring’s height and diameter should be appropriate for the scope bases. Many people usually get confused because of the different height and diameter of the ring.

If you are one of them, first Identity what size scope rings do you need. Then attach the ring on the base with the screws. Check properly; the bases are aligned or not.

Align the reticle and zero the scope

Place the scope on the bottom of the ring and tighten it properly. Then rotate the eyepiece until the reticle is horizontal and vertical.

If you are using a traditional one, Loosen the ring and rotate the eyepiece out until you got the reticle image noticeably fuzzy.

Point your rifle somewhere there don’t have any obstacle. You can point toward the sky. But do not point the reticle to the target. Wait, till your eyes got the object automatically into the focus.

The reticle will appear sharp within sometimes. After getting this, lower your rifle, close the eyes, point the rifle to the sky again and then open your eyes.

The reticle will become sharp instantly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the process. Remember, in sight give your eyes much time. It helps to sharpen the scope reticle.

Level the crosshair

Scopes of decent magnification provides an exceptionally sharp target image from the targets range to infinity, and the zero-parallax range where crosswire remains on the target is usually 100-150 yards. An adjustable objective helps you to eliminate the parallax error at all distance.

It is most advantageous as the third dial on a turret. The dials allow you to adjust from the shooting position. Avoid using the sleeves or scales as a rangefinder because all the scales are not properly marked.

If your scope provides resettable elevation and windage dials, you can use them. You can reset zero to the witness-mark. Lift the knob, rotate it click-free and then let it snap back.

While it’s not necessary, indexing to zero enables to affix the elevation without losing the point of departure just by clicking. I recommend, do not click for the windage. Howsoever, a resettable dial allows you to adjust for the wind.

Adjust Eye Relief

Adjusting the eye relief is very important. You need to ensure the safety of your eyes. Position the rifle scope forward enough. It will save from the recoil. So, always set up the scope a little forward than the certain distance you are thinking.

Protect the lens

Keep your scope lenses protected and clean. Use the caps or cover during transit. Many of us prefer the uncapped lens to hunt except in the rain. But you can use the flip-up caps which will give you quick access to the naked glass.

You can wipe the scope free of water, dust, and snow without scratching. The Hydrophobic lens coating will allow you to hunt in the snow and light rain without caps.

To clean the lenses, take a clean tissue paper or a lens cloth and make it slightly wet with the cleaning solution. Avoid spraying solution directly. Wipe it on a circular motion with a soft hand. You have to be extra careful while you are cleaning the scope.

Keep off the solvent and oils from the lens. But you can lightly wipe the ring and steel tubes with a silicon cloth. You can oil the ring-screw to prevent the rust. And when you are in the field, do not put stress on the scope tube.


Setting up a rifle scope is the most important thing for the shooter to get an accurate shot. So you need to be extra cautious when you are mounting the scope.

A little mistake can ruin the whole thing. Try to all the little things also. For example, if you can’t match the base and the rings you can’t set the scope.

If you set it anyway, you can’t get the zero. You will fail to align the reticle as well. Therefore, there are many things. So before making it happen, understand the points properly and then go for it.

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