How To Choose Rifle Scope Mounts – [Top 5 Mount Reviewed]

An expensive top graded rifle won’t be workable unless you fit scope mounts properly. Poor combination of scope mount and rifle your hunting or shooting would be useless. Even the worst experience of life and loose of interest in hunting or shooting.

So, before buying should know how to fix the scope mount and balance with every part. Check out everything of a rifle scope basis, mount, and ring to avoid further complication. Not all scope mount are best. Gather some knowledge first and look for the best scope mount.

Then combined with the rifle and try out on the open place without targeting. For the beginner, they must need some help for the first time. There is the writing for helping out those fresher.

Factors to Consider

You should look up more issues related to the product before buying. Confirming the factors gives you surety. So, have a look at the points now:


There is an option to combine the mount with a scope ring that makes it easy to fit with the rifle. Check out the adjustability.


Well before buying you must have the warranty or guarantee card. But that not everything. Have a close view to the materials the mount made with. Besides the body structure. A products durability depends on the component, or the elements have been used.


Don’t forget to budge first. No need to extend budge if you don’t find the suitable one under your budget. There are lot more must match with your budget.

Top 5 Rifle Scope Mounts

There are different sorts of scope mounts according to rifle types. Once you fix the rifle with scope mount would not be any trouble again. But you have to find the best rifle scope first. Therefore, have a look at the rifle scope given below:

Warne Maxima 1 Scope Mount

Made with sintered steel higher level of strength, value, and performance. It the USA made a product used qualities materials. So it is last longer and even inexpensive. The ring is rectangular shaped stainless steel offers a great target on any situation.

Moreover, this scope mount can easily unfix and fix except missing out zero. Even more, the mount attached with the scope securely using cap screws. But a bit heavy for materials. Anyway, you may look for it for its features such as:

  • High-quality full mount
  • Easy to adjust
  • Affordable
  • Secure fixing with a scope.

Nikon P-Series Picatinny Mount

Two-piece scope design for height mounting and proper position of the target. Which is expedient for eye relief on the scope and comfortable. It allows changing handle access to any weapon forward position. It is compatible with flat Picatinny rails or mounts.

By the way, the fact is the product is constructed with lightweight alloy. No extra weight on the scope. Feel free and thin while shooting. It is more accessible to fix and convenient for a new candidate. Now have a glance at the features first:

  • Quick setup and fittings.
  • Long lasting and viable construction.
  • Close fitting to the mount.

QD Cantilever Mount LaRue Tactical

This mount has a great backbone with the split vertical ring. That prevents from wiggling or sliding. Specially made for professionals such as scope the military use.

The important thing is the parts is developed with a strong aluminum body that protects from rusty. The steel materials also used that make it tightest tolerances. While removing or changing direction or any parts you are required to maintain the zero level.

As a complimentary, the mount offers mounting screws, QD wrench and a manual for instruction. Have a look at the key features.

  • Relaxed setting, detach and adjustment.
  • It is developed with high-quality materials.
  • The solid platform of riflescopes.
  • Comes with user manual and set up parts.

Burris 420341 Scope Mount

Are you looking for all in one system? Such as long-range targeting, friendly user manual, and adjustable system. Then choose this mount, and it won’t disappoint you at all. This mount approves two inches forward scope position which is very beneficial. It provides flexibility and focuses on your target hitting.

Also, the full package comes with a full ring, base mounting no need to buy separately. This mount has been constructed with rock solid and proper finishing. By the way, it has a warranty to ensure its durability.

Moreover, the mount requires six screws for a stable base. It is waterproof so dry weather to rainy season it is a better option. So, the quick features are:

  • Flexible and versatile.
  • Excellent position to the target.
  • Robust and waterproof body.
  • Quick replacing and installation.

AD-RECON STD American Defense Riflescope (Optic Mount)

This is the easy adjusting than other mount base using a flat screwdriver or just finger. It is so simple to adjust that doesn’t require any extra tools. Another important thing, it provides an auto lock with the level.

That locks the rear or the front. The mount is made such an excellent way that gives a clear view of eye relief of front position. After replacing any parts, the mounts returns to the same zero position. So, no need to be worried about. The mount is constructed and maintain the standard of USA. Now look at the features:

  • Friendly user manual
  • Automatic return of zero.
  • Standard construction.
  • No extra tools to adjusting.
  • Locks tightly.


Hopefully, you understand how the differences between mounts and rings. There are a lot of mounts, but the top best are described here. For purchase search on the online base shopping site such as Amazon. The product price, manual everything is explained there.

Remember the products are qualities and maintained their best standard. Besides, consider the duration, usability, split type, etc. before purchasing. After that, it should not be an issue of determining the best kind of mount for the rifle.

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