Nikon M-308 Review: A Top Level Riflescope [Expert Review]

Are you a tenderfoot in hunting? Know even not even a bit about that?

Not to worry, buddy. Nikon M-308 makes it a piece of cake to the inexperienced shooter with its superior features.

It can metamorphose your callowness into proficiency. This stuff is doing the job remarkably even in poor weather.

Nikon M-308 is the next generation shooting optics. The caliber of this riflescope is above criticism. It can pay long-range accuracy with a huge magnification range.

It also provides a massive eye relief, multi magnification system, and an optical system which is fully multicoated. This is actually a very dedicated riflescope for shooting and hunting.

If you are disconcerted whether to buy it or not, this Nikon M-308 review will help you out. But at the very beginning of the content, I can take the responsibility to assure you that it is so far so good riflescope among the others.

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For whom is this product?

Nikon M-308

The scope is especially for you. It is usable in both hunting and shooting purposes. If you would like to go hunting, then it is a must having stuff you need to have. So it can be used in –

  • Target shooting and hunting
  • Bench shooting
  • General-purpose

Product Specifications:

  • Color: It is available in Matte Black
  • Magnification: It provides 4x-16x magnification
  • Exit Pupil: 2.6 – ¬¬10.5 mm
  • Eye relief: 3.7- 4 inches
  • Objective Diameter: The outside objective diameter is 49.3 mm
  • FOV: The scope allows 6.3 ft to 25.2 ft room at 100 yds.
  • Reticle: It comes in two types. BDC 800 and NikoPlex
  • The diameter of the tube: The tube size is 1 inch
  • Outside Diameter of Eyepiece: The diameter is about 42 meter
  • Maximum Internal Adjustment: 40 MOA
  • The Light transmission: Almost 95%
  • Adjustment Graduation: 0.25 in.

Nikon M-308 Features and Benefits:

Optical System

The optical system plays a vital role in a scope. The scope is blessed with a multi-coated optical method. It can transmit the light up to 95%. As a result, it can manage maximum brightness. It also maintains the color wisely. For a super clear view, it can be your automatic choice. The efficiency of this multicoated lens is well proven. According to the experts, this is the scope for a novice which can help them to be a sharpshooter.

Ballistic Match Technology

For professional hunters, it is like blessings. The ballistic match technology helps you to optimize and point out the exact aiming through the reticle.

You have to use it on your Smartphone. First of all, associate the system with your phone and plugged it in the Smartphones headphone port. The job is done. Now it will inform you about the accurate wind speed.

Waterproof, Shockproof & fog proof

Like many other scopes, Nikon M-308 is also waterproof, shockproof and fog proof. It is nitrogen purged, and the O-ring is also sealed. It is built for rugged use and heavy-recoil.

Magnification and the objective lens

Are you looking for an impressive rifle scope? Then your priority would be the magnification level and the quality of an objective lens. Nikon M 308 offers you both features. If you usually hunt from a distant place, it will be ideal for you. And of course, it will serve more efficiently from a shorter distance.

Now take a look at the magnification. The scope comes with 4x-16x magnification which is excellent. The magnifications don’t let the picture to be fuzzy. Even the higher level of magnification doesn’t distort the image of the target.

Eye relief and eye pieces

The scope has 3.7 – 4 inches eye relief. It will ensure the comfort of your eye. To take an accurate shot, sufficient eye relief is a must.

A quick focus eyepiece is also immensely important. A fast focus can turn a plain rifle into a deadly weapon.

Resettable turrets

The resettable turret is another noticeable feature. It makes hunting simple and easy. To zero, you will find an adjusting knob. By rotating the knob, you can fix it on zero.

The reticle

The BDC 800 reticle adds extra value to the scope. It helps to adjust the bullet drop. Having such a tremendous feature in that cheap rate is rear.


  • It gives a comfortable eye relief
  • Provide amazing features in such a less amount
  • Ensure the accuracy of the target
  • Works at any weather
  • Qualitative and easy to use
  • Quite lightweight and portable


  • It doesn’t come with illuminated reticle
  • It is a little large.
  • Don’t have any mounting ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum range of this scope?

The maximum range of this scope is 1000 yards.

  1. What kind of ring is the best for this riflescope?

Medium height ring is the best for this rifle.

  1. Does the scope work with 0.308 platforms?

This scope works with all 0.308 platforms.

  1. What is the length of the scope?

The length is about 14 inches.

  1. What about the illuminated reticle?

It does not have an illuminated reticle.

Final Thoughts

Nikon M-308 is one of the best riflescopes. It leads the market nowadays. Also, It has all the spice to satisfy you. It is decorated with some amazing features which will help you to hit a perfect shot.

If you don’t use this rifle scope yet, get yourself one of them. You will surely love it. But if you are confused, go through the Nikon M-308 review again. If you can’t convince yourself to buy it, you will miss the bang without any doubt.

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