How to Mount a Rifle Scope – [7 Proven Tactics]

As you already know that an improperly mounted rifle scope will not shoot precisely. But yet, you know that? Lots of people are there who are hiring some other people to mount their rifle, whereas some of them are shooting with the wrong mounted rifle scope.

There are a couple of factors to take care of the accuracy of the rifle scope. Among them, the wrong mounted rifle scope may create big accuracy issues. You may think that it is easy to mount a scope on a rifle. But it is not easy at all.

Mounting rifle scope has lots of steps. It is not only about putting the scope in some rings and then tightening all the screws. Well! Don’t get scared or disappointed knowing that it is tough to mount a rifle. In this content, we are breaking the proven tactics on how to mount a rifle scope properly.

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7 Easy Tactics to Mount a Rifle Scope

Casually, the professionals follow these 7 steps to mount their rifle scope. Therefore, they never faced any side effects to using their rifle by fitting. On the other hand, if you follow these same steps, you will also get used to with these steps. Let’s not waste much time and dive into those essential steps:

Match the Bases as well as the Rings

Nowadays, the scope of the modern rifles grooved for the attachments of precise mounting. Or else the rifles are tapped as well as pre-drilled for the given range. So the main step as a starting is to take care of the system of mounting.

You must select the perfect fitting size mounting system for your rifle. For the ideal scope positioning, you must take care of the diameter of the rings as well as the heights of that rings.

There are some rings which fit on some specific category bases of scopes. So make sure that you have the engaged components with your rifle.

Mount Bases

Usually, the lower you mount your base on your rifle, the more it will be precise for you. But, make sure that the objective bell doesn’t touch the barrel.

This procedure helps to keep the clearance at the eyepiece of the bolt’s free operation. You will find that most of the rings, as well as the bases, are attached along with the screws. Sometimes by the Torx wrenches, whereas sometimes by the heads of the sockets.

You must wipe the surface to make it dry and clean before attaching the base. After rubbing the surface, pour 1 or 2 drops of oil or else rust preventive. Check out the alignment properly that the base is not attached backward.

Keep the Mount Locked With Your Rifle

To maintain the security, you can use some compound of thread-freezing which includes the Loctite. Make sure that you apply those compound by small drops.

Don’t pour lots of them. When the mount fits on your rifle, then tighten up the screws to keep it stuck.

Well! Here is a great twist. If the rings attached at the front base, then you shouldn’t use the scope to pivot the ring to stay in position. Instead, you can use a wooden dowel which includes the same diameter.

Alignment of the Reticle

To move the scope both back and forth as well as to rotate the scope, you can tighten the rings’ top halves by placing the bottom halves of the rings on its place.

After that, you better rotate the scope with the rifle’s held level, till it gets precisely vertical as well as horizontal.

Adjust the Relief For Your Eye

Make sure your eyes stay safe form the impact of recoil. And for that surety, you have to place your scope a bit forward from your eye position level.

As you already know that, there is a rule of thumb. In that case, you have to place the scope an inch more forward than the actual place.

Tight the Screws

After completing all those steps, have a second look at the position of the scope that is it okay or not. If it is okay, then tighten up the screws of the ring.

Make sure that you have tightened up the screws alternately for the spacing within the halves of the rings.

Bore Sight

With the proper pin of insertion, you must insert the boresight for your caliber that you are using. After that, you will set up the horizontal and the vertical axis for the aim point that you need.

Once and for all, give a check at the whole concept you did to mount your rifle and go for a review. I can guarantee you that you will never face any problem to mount your rifle in future. But I am again warning you to keep the scope slightly forward from your eye level to keep your eyes safe from the recoil.


Done! With mounting? Hurrah! You got a perfect aim, right? Yeah! You should. Like you, if any more people are facing issues to mount their rifle. Make sure you help them as well with these steps.

Now then as you don’t have the same question anymore about how to mount a rifle scope, therefore you should go for more aims as a practice to make your target more precisely.  Mounting the rifles seems fun. But it is better to mount the rifle appropriately. THANKS.

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