Leupold Vx Freedom Rimfire Review – Best Riflescope For The Money

Leupold Vx freedom rimfire scope allows shooters to have a really clear image from a comfortable distance. Which enable them to easily hunt big game or taking part in a competition without costing a fortune.

Furthermore, Leupold has long been known as a top-class provider of military-grade scopes. So this time they have brought out the Leupold Vx which allows up to 90% light transmission.

Hence, the other scope features are pretty useful too. Like the scratch-resistant mil-spec lens coating and anti-reflective compounds which enables flare free views for the shooters and hunters.

But its usefulness doesn’t just stop here, to let you know more about it, we have prepared this Leupold Vx freedom rimfire review.

Who Need This Scope?

As its often too hard to combine quality with the budget when choosing a rifle scope for your rimfire, the Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire 2-7x33mm scope is the ideal for the shooters who own rimfire rifles and prefers hunting with it.

Whether you are trying to get back into the competitive shooting or just eyeing some big prey for hunting in a bit difficult terrain this scope serves you with some extra help.

Also, it gets along well with muzzle-loaders to AR-15. Meanwhile, Very few rifle scopes within this price range can beat the quality of this scope in this price range.

Leupold Vx freedom rimfire Scope Specification

Leupold Vx freedom rimfire Scope

Magnification range: 1.5x-4x

Linear FOV (ft/100 yd): 43.8-17.8

Linear FOV (m/100 m): 14.59-5.94

Eye Relief: 4.17-3.7 in

Elevation Adjustment: 75 MOA or 21.8 MIL

Exit Pupil: 5.0 mm

Windage Adjustment: 75 MOA or 21.8 MIL

What is the Scope’s weight and height? 

Leupold Vx rimfire freedom rimfire is 33.4 inches long and weighs precisely one pound. Although this isn’t the lightest scope available, you can’t call it the bulkiest or heaviest either.

Likewise, it has a 33mm target focal point so you can have a great shot at your target with ease.

What about Eye relief? 

As you might know already, eye relief is a distance that you need to keep your eyes to view the image provided by the scope.

Hence, the Leupold Vx freedom rimfire has a 4.17-inch eye help. Thus, it enables you to hold the scope at a comfortable from your eye. And still, get a clear view of your target as well.

What about Lens Diameter? 

The Leupold Vx freedom has a compelling target focal point for covering the distance across different types of terrains. Thus, it has a 33-millimeter focal point which is impressive because it enables more lights to get into the focal point.

In the meantime, it will give you a clearer and more close to life picture of your target so you can take shots with ease.

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Benefits of Leupold Vx freedom rimfire:

Impressive Light Gathering Capability  

Leupold vx freedom rimfire the 98% light assembling ability. As a result, a more beautiful, crystal clear imagery than most of the rifle scopes out there.

Also, the light gathering ability of this rifle scope can put many binoculars and rangefinders manufacturers to shame, just like the majority of rifle scopes out there.  Hence, the scope is very helpful to spot your targets in very lower light conditions.

Easy to Mount

When you have the correct arrangement, the Leupold vx freedom rimfire riflescope is anything but trying to mount.

Therefore, all that you need is a couple of minutes to set the rings and after that mount the scope on your weapon. So when installed, you can tweak around the scope to get a better view,

Durable Construction 

As it is made using premium aluminum which is also used for building planes and other aircraft, so this riflescope is very sturdy and durable, to begin with.

Additionally, it is waterproof and fog proof as well. Meanwhile, these features are handy considering varying terrains you might need to go out with this rifle scope, from the dry shooting range for competitive shooting or in the cold woods for deer chasing.

Awesome Magnification and Field of View 

The Leupold vx comes with 2x to 7x actual magnification capacities. Thus, It enables you to spot different types of targets ranging from games that are in a pretty long distance or preys that are only a couple of hundred meters away from you.

The field of view on the riflescope is vast, so it is quite more comfortable to see through any thick brush that is obstructing your view in the wild or trees in the dense and more impenetrable woods.

What we like most
  • Helps to take long-range shots
  • High-performance lenses with Anti-reflective coating
  • Waterproof and fog proof as well
  • Flare-free views enable you to chase both major game and minor preys
  • The aluminum used in the construction of this rifle scope is aircraft quality
  • The versatile 3:1 zoom ratio erector system that is ideal for virtually any situation
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
What could be better?
  • It can take a bit longer while rapidly changing the magnification during the chase.


Will this rifle scope mount on a Marlin 336?

A. Yes, this Leupold Vx 2-7×33 Riflescope will work very well with the Marlin .336.

Would this work with a .22 mag?

A. These scopes are made to be used with .22 rifles magazines.

Should I lubricate them?

A.  Do not try to lubricate them. Cover it with tops provided keep out dust and dirt.

Is this a good rifle scope for a 270 marlinx7 centerfire?

A. The Leupold Vx riflescope will work seamlessly with it.

Some extra tips 

As it comes with the 33mm target focal point, you may find that some of the faster targets are very difficult to take a shot with your firearm if you don’t use the medium-or bigger ring.

Also, the best way to shooting the smaller games and preys is to set the spot capacity in the dimmest not ruining the clarity.

Final verdict 

We, The Americans, own more guns per head than any nation on this earth. So we do have a right to know about which of those accessories out there are the US made and which one you can purchase without getting broke.

Hence, It was precisely our aim in this Leupold Vx freedom rimfire review as well. Meanwhile, Leupold Vx freedom doesn’t just look slick. Moreover, it delivers results much like any product from Leupold.

So if you have been looking for an inexpensive scope but don’t lack quality and US-made as well, pick this one without any doubts!