How to Hunt Squirrel – A Smart Strategy

Squirrels are watchful, but curious animals. They can often be tough to find at times. However, with a little intellect and common sense, you will have a prosperous hunt your first time out!

Squirrels can also be a nourishing source of protein if you find yourself in need!. Their meat has some fat and cholesterol, and the flavor isn’t too bad if cooked well, so learning how to hunt squirrel is worth the investment in time, and a little practice.

To the fresh and non-experience hunter, the idea of going into the woods with little education could turn the experience much less pleasurable and even risky. How will I get the squirrels? Do I need the right firearm? What could I need to do to be secure? How do I get near enough to have a decent shot? So many questions to ask.

Here, I will give information that will summary how to hunt squirrels with basic techniques and get a shot off securely.

Sit Patiently and Wait

The first technique in this how to hunt squirrel guide I’m going to talk about is quite self-explanatory. You get a spot that has the possibility to appeal squirrels and you rest there to wait for them to reach within hunting range.

This technique can sometimes be used finest when trees are in full greenery. Or when it is tough to catch squirrels walking along twigs. Look for shaking leaves, moving branches and other actions in the greenery.

These will indicate that squirrels might be rushing along the limbs overhead. Also, continuously scan your environs. As often enough, you’ll grab the “gaze” of a squirrel tail in between tree branches.

What Places Are Primary For Squirrel To Live?

The spots that are basically the finest to hoot for squirrels are along mountains and vales as well as along streams.

Squirrels, just like all creatures, need water to live. So being closer to a source of water is usually perfect for them. Keep your attention out for squirrel home in the trees. If you can get a stream, in a vale with nests closer, you’re in a decent spot!

Factors to Remember When Waiting

Other than the main spots that I was talking above, you must look for nut making trees with carvings (nutshells) near the base. This is a strong sign that a squirrel has been eating here. It might be close by or might return.

Also, increase your listening game. If you sense cuttings then you are in the game. Cutting denotes to the noise of falling wreckages from eating squirrels, mostly cutting the external shells of nuts.

Also, keep your lobes searching for the noise of swooshing branches. This often specifies a squirrel is on the action closer by.

Chasing Game

Stalking or chasing squirrels means to hunt squirrels while on the action. This can be a bit more confusing than sitting or waiting. However here you can cover extra area and probably expose yourself to great hunting spots as you stalk.

Stalking spots a bit of stress on woodsmanship. By the term I mean walking without making any sound, knowing when to act and when to grip still. So a squirrel shooter on the move has to slide quietly through the forests.

When the ground is moist, walking could be much noiseless. While it’s dry, you’ll have to guard your step so you do not smash sticks or crunch too many leaves under the step. This will scare away squirrels before you could get near enough to have a shot off.

Understand Squirrel’s Defense

When stalking, take a small number of steps and then wait, look and listen. If you don’t see or hear anything, move again. Continue this process until you hear cutting, see movement in the trees or locate a food source that you can watch for a while.

Remember, you have to stop occasionally to listen for cutting and movement in the trees while watching where you walk and for motion in the branches above. When you see or hear a sign of a squirrel, move slowly toward the direction of the sound. Stop and wait again for more signs.

Most of the time, when you are shifting and a squirrel knows of you, they won’t shift either. This is why it is important to stalk and wait for a while. After some time of sitting still, the squirrels mostly get easy and will begin to stir again. This is your chance to take your aim or get yourself near into spot to make that shot.

Practice the Accurate Shooting

As soon as you see a squirrel, gradually move into the spot for a sure shot. Most hunters like to take up a spot near a shrub that they can use to stable their firearm against an upsurge shot accuracy. This is because the aim is tiny, it’s a decent idea to rehearsal before the time appears to make certain your exactness is on par.

It Needs to Be Safe

The important thing to bear in mind is the prominence of a backstop. Dredge up, you’re mostly shooting uphill, and you need to make certain the bullet shots the tree or further barrier if you come to miss. Even if an effort to hold the meat for a long time a headshot is likable, take the shoulder shot if it is secure.

The Best squirrel hunting scope, such as the.22, has bullets that can go a mile if not clogged. So think about the bullet moving way and spot yourself to give the shot in the securest direction probably. If there is a house close by and you aren’t certain how safe the hit is, leave it and go on for the next target.


It might need some time to practice how to hunt squirrels most effectively.  But, when you are persistent, you will gradually get the shot you need. The ideal shot would give you the maximum out of your hunt. If you have not ever tried, squirrel hunting is a thrilling activity worth trying.

It’s an adventure to chase and hunt squirrels where you get food and fur to have. It is also an outdoor hobby more people are relishing nowadays.

Just make sure the whole thing you take with you is harmless to use and do it under legal boundaries. Be safe and relish the squirrel hunt by arranging and stuffing the correct gear. Best of Luck!

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