How Can I Clean The Inside Of A Rifle Scope? [Don’t Do It]

Due to extended use of a rifle scope, a frequently asked question is that- How can I clean the inside of a rifle scope? The answer is don’t do this. You can’t clean the inside of a rifle scope. Only if your scope lens get dirty you can clean it using some components like lens brash, smooth cloth etc.

If your rifle scope has problem from inside or anything in this then you should return it to the manufacturer. Modern rifle scope generally sealed with inert gas, so it’s a definitely wrong idea to clean inside of it.

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Here I will share with you some scope lens cleaning tips that can done from outside.

How to Clean The Lens of a Rifle Scope Easily

There are different types of steps and tricks to ensure your rifle scopes clarity and brightness. But trust me, of among them, only little steps are decent and productive.

It is clear that to deal with a successful and clean shoot it is mandatory to have a translucent and a clean rifle scope.

Now, if you don’t have the proper opportunity of your attention and take care of your rifle scope during the hunting time, in an adverse atmosphere place rather you concern to be more alert and conscious to your focus than the rifle scope.

So the term proverb which is popular in this fact- always prevention is much better than the cure, does not become true in this situation. Because the cure is better than prevention.

No more fuss now, let’s discuss the solutions!

Decently Brush your rifle scope

Dust and little pollen can accumulate on the lens surface easily. In this case, the pellucidity of the lenses may decrease.

To fix this issue, All you need to do take the lens pens or a soft brush which are grease and oil free, then decently clear the brush dust carefully thus it don’t may occur any damage.

Also, you should have needed some ideas about Windex on the rifle scope if you keep your rifle scope safe.

Not only that, before and after your hunting tour, you should do this step every time. While you are storing your rifle scopes, you need to do this that time.

It will keep your gun safe all time without reducing the lenses sharpness. Finally, if you do this regularly, it will fit your gun scope clean, and its transparent parts are also safe. So, never forget to brush decently before and after your hunting tour.

Must use the smooth microfiber cloth

Other vital reasons to decrease your lucidity and celerity of your lenses are the imprint and smudges. If you prevent and fix this smudges, take a handkerchief or a smooth microfiber cloth. This will make your task easy.

Why I choose microfiber cloth? Well. Microfiber cloth contains Triangular fiber element which main differs from the other type of cotton cloths.

So, all-time use the microfiber cloth instead of any cotton cloth as it will keep your lenses safe. Another reason is that,

Cotton cloths contain circularly fibers which are responsible for producing oil smudges on the rifle surface. So, we always prefer microfiber napkin, and it is our high recommendation to you.

Use this wiping cloth to rub away the smudges and blemishes from your gun scope. So, use this cloth every time. This way, you can see debris inside rifle scope easily.

Use soft premium grade gun tissue

Most of the time some hidden object like thick water and farina spot can get stuck hardly on the surface of the lens. Sometimes it seems like irremovable.

At this situation, you may think to try to fix it with the help of ordinary napkin. At that time, just rubbing the gun lenses. You also should know how to disassemble a rifle scope if you do this task decently.

But honestly speaking, this the rubbish and stupid idea. This type of attempt is just a waste of time. Please never try this attempt to prevent the problem.

To eliminate this kind of dust or spot, please use premium grade soft tissue and try to rub it smoothly on the lens. This is the job how decently you can do it.

You may also use the suggested cleaning ingredient on the soft tissue. This type of combination will work great to prevent the problem.

But here is also a pattern. You need to start it from the middle. The continuously go the edge. Please do this task slowly.

If you can do it regularly before and after the hunting tour, it will wipe away the water spot. It also removes the stubborn stains from the surface of your lenses.

After using the wet issue, then use the dry tissue to get better performance.

Clean your hand before clean the rifle scope

I saw many topics about how to fix a cloudy scope, but there was no particular solution for that term. Now I will explain how you can also fix that issue

Before start cleaning the lens, you should wash your hand. But you should wash your hand under the adequate light. Please, never hurry to do it.

Then please focus on those parts where the hidden dust on the lens is. Please do this process decently. Carefully clean the rifle scope lens with your fresh, clean hand.

You should recall that, which kind of ingredients you should use or not. You may identify, which type of components works great on which type of spots.

Please set up your mind to use the particular ingredients for the different kinds of spots

Use Gun protective cover

You may find different types of lens covers on the local market. Of course, all of them are not great. Please find out the best brand for you.

If you use the protective cover, then you can easily handle any unexpected accident. This cover always prevents your lens whenever you have you are not able to focus on it due to busy on the other staffs.

Use every time gun safe

I highly recommend you to use the gun safe. Sometimes you may think that it is not so much necessary to you. But trust me- if you use any gun safe, then it will prevent your lens and guns body parts from any sport or strains.

If you keep it in the commonplace, then it may decrease by anything or anyone. So the wise idea s, use a gun safe.

Never only think about your gun while you’re in a hunting range, but also think about it whenever you keep it at home.

Gun Scope cleaning and preventing tools

Hope, you read this article attentively. If you focus on those steps, you did everything positive for your gun. Now time to introduce with you some ingredients, which you must use while cleaning the gun scope.

In this article about how do you clean the inside of a rifle scope? Now let me introduce with you some essential gun staffs which will work great if you use it correctly.

Essential Scope cleaning tools you must buy:

This is the best scope lens cleaning solution. You must buy this.

  •  Leopold lens pen
  •  Blower brush
  • Lens paper
  • Cleaning kits
  • Microfiber napkin
  • Retractable brush
  • Premium tissue and soft paper

How to use rifle scope usage tools

Now I will tell you how to use those tools effectively.

Lens pen/brush:

Lens pens are only manufactured and modified for the gun lenses. Apparently it the best tool for clean your rifle scope lens easily. Never use other items to clean the rifle lens.

The regular brushes do not work great. If you use the brush instead of a lens pen, then it can grow starch on the lens. Please follow circle motion to wipe out the dust.

Cloths and liquid:

I already mentioned that Microsoft cloth is working great because it has a triangle fiver in it, which is effective to rub out the streets.

If you use this cloth, then you can clean the dust inside rifle scope without any complexity. Never use typical ordinary cloth as it contains circular fibers.

So, only use Microsoft cloth and mix it with gun liquid then wipe your gun. Besides, you must buy the best scope cleaner for your gun scope.

Lens paper/hard paper:

Lens paper is also an essential tool for cleaning the gun lens. At first wet, the paper with the gun liquid then rubs out with it.

Do the process slowly. It will work great if here has any oil spot or the water shades on the surface.


Finally, you got overall every aspect of how you can easily clean and protect your gun scope. In this trendy article about how do you clean the inside of a rifle scope, I mentioned the proper steps of the cleaning methods of the rifle scope. Just one point I want to get you that- if your gun scope is clear then you will be the professional shooter.

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