Choosing Long-Range Scope Over 1000 Yards

A decent hunting experience is what we crave as a shooter. A tool that will improve your accuracy is the scope. What does it do? Make things easy for you. How? Well, by bringing targets closer than they really are. Or by bringing your eye closer to the target.

Once you decide to get a scope you need the proper guidance to choose the perfect match for your gun. That’s where I’ll be helping. Here you’ll learn about choosing long-range scope over 1000 yards.

A scope will help you magnify the object and grab the accurate shot to make a clean hit. So it’s pretty important you have this great tool in your tool bag.

Otherwise, anybody would doubt if your love for the shoot is really true?

I’ll tell you the three coolest features that will decide for you the best 1000 yard scope to get every trophy under your cloak.

Crystal Clear Glass Quality

The Best long range scope will have more than a few features that you must consider. But trust me if it lacks a good quality glass then no matter what else it has the scope will be a pure disaster to buy. I have so many people asking me why the high-end scopes demand so much price for a bare zooming feature. They don’t understand the concept of front end and backend.

A scope that costs thousands and a scope that has three-hundred dollar price range differs in one prime aspect. Glass quality! That’s the key component that should make you spend your money. No matter what fancy the scope looks to make sure you do a well testing of the scope’s glass excellence. It needs to be decent enough to work well with the optic system.

When a scope has a good quality glass it will be clear. The target observation will be obstacle-free and you would be viewing it even without any spec or iron sights. Also, the quality of the glass will control mirage issues. You need the factor to judge mirage.

The wind at your target is what it will mean. When you shoot within long-range, there might be moments when the wind blows in a different direction. The blowing direction is not the same as the location where you are and where your prey is.

That’s why you need to understand the wind condition at your target’s location to make appropriate adjustments. Without a good quality glass, you won’t be able to find out or adjust it. So there’s absolutely no way you can compromise with this factor.

Horizontal and Vertical Axis Reticle

You are going to notice more than a few styles available for reticle when it comes down to how to choose a long-range scope over 1000 yards. The glitch here is the fact that there are many scopes that lack a good milling reticle or a vertical axis. So you need to go with reticles like MilDot or MOAR style when you decide to shoot at long range.

When you are going for long-range shooting you would have to dial the dialing for elevation and control wind holding. While you dial the elevation you would have to consider the amount that the cartridge fall over the gap it’s traveling and then adjust the turret above the scopes. It will then locate the crosshair in the right position and help you aim the reticle directly at your prey rather than locating it above.

Make sure the scope you choose gives you easy access to these adjustments. Observing the wind change and the dialing needs to be both done by you. While you are busy with the task you should not have a hassle finding the knob for adjustment. It should be somewhere easy to notice and make finger click.

Also, know about the wind holding of the scope before you make a decision. If there are horizontal mars then definitely it’s going to be easier for you to make accurate shots.

A Great Magnification Power!

So when we talk about magnification most people will only care about numbers. That’s what tells you about how many times the larger size you are going to see with the scope compared to bare eyes. Right! But is that the only thing you need to know?

Let me start one by one. First of all, for different activities, you’ll need different magnification. It also depends on the size of the animal you are targeting at while hunting. Where are you hunting will be another consideration as well. All these factors will count very much to make you decide a good spec for magnification.

Power of scope can be either variable or fixed. A fixed scope will give you the same zooming option that the spec says and its pre-decided. You cannot adjust it. The fixed ones are sturdy, durable and give better light transmission and clarity most of the time.

While a variable scope gives you variety. The magnification will basically range from low to high. You can have the scope on a magnification that suits your purpose. This type of scope gives better versatility and control.

For long-range shooting a scope with 10x to 25x is a great range. You can go to former high power settings if you come from a high-level skill background. For beginners, there will be no need for more than this.


I hope now you know how to choose a long-range scope over 1000 yards. Basically these three mentioned above are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS you should never neglect.

Decide your budget and make sure you choose something that will serve you for a long time. I’ll recommend you to get a high-end scope for long-range shooting because this will need more features unless it’s totally bad for your budget plan.

You’ll have to remember that long-range shooting is one passionate hobby that typically gives you what you pay for. No matter if it’s skills, time, effort, rifles, or scope, all of these will repay.

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