How to Properly Care For Your Rifle Scope?

You may don’t want your next winter hunting tour will be missed due to damage of your rifle scope. Honestly, in this time most of the people have their rifle, but it is heartbroken that maximum even doesn’t know how to keep their rifle scope fit for a long time.

In this article, I will guide you how to care for your rifle scope properly? Just stay with me, hope you will get a vast of knowledge about how to prevent your rifle scope without any damage. So, let’s begin!

Tips and cautions to care for your rifle scope

Here, we all about suffering a lot with our damaged rifle scope. And you already notice that this rifle scope can be easily damaged without any reason. Plus, its glass lenses can even break if you do not take care of it properly. Besides, during the hunting-most of the time, the fault is not only about the shooter but also the rifle. So, you need to keep fit of your rifle scope properly.

Care of your rifle scope as regular basis. Please maintain a routine as a weekly or monthly basis. Observing the rifle scope undoubtedly form of routine and do it as regular basis.  Please, wiping your rifle scope before and after use to keep it dust free and protective.

Most of the modern rifle scope has rust-proof finishes. In this case, you can clean the rifle scope easily, and a quick wipe is sufficient for the clean. But, if you have the ancient model of rifle scope-most of them are made of low-class steel. Then I will suggest you use the gun oil without using the home use oil.

This gun oil will perform better. It is a brilliant idea to clean it and lightly rub with the gun oil. But one caution here- whenever you try to do it then always make sure the turret caps are at their position and stay snug. Also careful about the ocular lens. You should be inspected to sure the ocular lens is tightly screwed with the eyepiece.

Must clean you rifle scope regularly

Most of the time we ignore to clean the rifle scope regularly. We always keep busy to care of our rifle body parts, not the scope. But we also need to give some priority to take care of it. Most of the expert’s shooter believe that we need to clean rifle scope every time while we washed our rifle. Also, the rifle scope contains dust, pollen, water residues, and many more dirty substances while hunting. Even we never know how to clean rifle scope lenses.

Use canned air or the small brush if you experience the lenses is very dirty. After cleaning the dust, use the ingredients to wipe out, which is used to clean your rifle body parts. Finally wash your reading glasses carefully.

So, what you think now?-if We never clean it properly how this will affect your main gun! Commonly, if we ignore it, then it can stain the lenses also responsible t change the formation of the molds.

Which latterly, affect his gun lenses and the knobs of your scopes suddenly! But one great news here- today most of the scopes are made with stainless steel. For this reason, you can quickly figure out the dust and can clean properly.

Use smooth brash while wiping out the dust

Another major issue we have to notice- though most of the latest brands scopes are comes with durable and sturdy stainless steel; but most of their other parts like knobs, rings, turrets, and the intensity lenses are not so much satisfying. Most of the time they can be broken or loose from your mainframe. Plus, the lenses may easily damage if you are choosing the wrong cleaner for clean it. The lenses may be scatted while you are trying to use the wrong wipe and you never know the ingredients may not be suited for the scope. So, always know which cleaner is perfect for your brand before purchasing any cleaner from your local market.

In this case, I will suggest you an idea. This idea is suited to me. Hope you also get the perfect result if you follow my tips. Now, most of the rifle scope manufactures produces the cleaning items for their brands. And honestly, saying-this cleaning ingredients are so much essential for you. You also purchase the particular smooth airbrush what they are referring to you. You may easily rub out the dust with it. Also, these cleaning products are safe for use.

You may also use this airbrush whenever you need to clean the scope. This airbrush is working great for rub out the dust from the gun. So, you can blindly use it without any hesitation. In the local market, there are different types of brushes. Most of them are fake and not so much smoother. So, you should find out the best one for you. Never buy a hard brush for doing this or any kinds of fabrics from our home.

Check the safety and security of the scope

In this content about how to properly care for your rifle scope -Now we will discuss some of its safety issues. Although, if you never clean or care of your rifle scope regularly, it may contain dust or dirt on, you need to remove the dust regularly. Why do I suggest you do this? Well, in my perspective, if I never clean my scope then whenever I go into the bright sunshine, the layer of the dust cause to unnoticed the target.

Meanwhile, Stay focus your scope rings during the hunting time. You already know that most of the time we used some scope rings as the clamp, which is clam with the rifle scope to secure the position and alignment of your rifle. Here, we have to maintain some precaution. We need to tighten the rings with the scope otherwise our scope may be broken.

Most of the time, expert shooter ensures about this issue. At first, they claim the rings with their rifle scope. After that, they tightly fit it with the scope. They check it carefully if there is any error.

It also keeps fitting their hunting alignment. If you tighten the rings with your rifle scope, then it will never damage easily. Trust me, whenever the gun is knocked upon the object or dropped by the hunter it occurred a hefty shake.

So never forget to tighten it as much as you can. One matter here, if you re failing to secure the scope tightly-whenever you try to recoil the gun it must shake and damage your scope easily. And you already gather what I want to teach you if you never secure it tightly then the constant shaking will occur randomly and affect your scope easily.

Wrapping with plastic while storing

Everyone do mistake in this section. We all keep fit and decorate our gun set when we are starting a journey over hunting.

But when we came back after hunting, we never take proper care of our gun set scope. This is the worst habit of us. And most of the time our scope are damaged due to this reason.

I can say that about 99% of people do not store their rifle scope accurately. Sometimes they like to store it into the wardrobe box or hanging on the wall. But trust me, this is the wrong idea to store you’re your scope.

Please never keep your scope under open air after finish your hunting. Also, never wrap any fabrics on it while storing it or use any oil. Most of us use oils on it. But this is not working great. For me, it is a foolish idea. Please never do this with your rifle scope anymore. Very often we store our scopes after the season of hunting.

If we incorrectly store it at our home, then the scope may produce rusts or modals on it. Later it damages your whole gun set. You are not doing the wrong thing. But unfortunately the weather humidity change and the dirt cause this molds on it.

So please be careful about it. Our many shooter experts suggest us to store the rifle scope by wrapped with plastic. Also, keep it dry while packing with the plastic. You may keep like this a long time since the next hunting season.

Hold the rifle strongly while hunting

One important thing you need to aware about- during the hunting time you must tightly hold your rifle. Whenever you start the hunting at the first stage, you may be informed to hold your gun strictly. Here, we make lots of mistakes. We think that the scope is always secure while we set our position and fire on it. Some of us even don’t know how to use rifle scope correctly!

Now you remember that, while you are hunting, that time the rifle scope is not holding by you. The rifle scope is holding by the rifle. Now the point is if you do not hold your rifle correctly then it can drops or accidentally smash out with the tree. And you may never know that the rifle scope all time receive a more significant impact than your gun. As a result, if you do not adequately hold it, then it may accrue heavy damage than your rifle.

To reducing this problem, you can buy some tools for the gun shop, which will give your rifle scope extra safety while hunting. In your local market, you may find different types of the hook for hold the scope with the gun. You can buy one of this for you. And again remembering you never hold your rifle smoothly.

However, if you inspected the mounts is not tightened correctly, then please fix it immediately. Of course, if the rifle mount is not so much tight, then it may not maintain the zero as a result. It may end up the rifle jarring and damaging your scope easily. Below I described some proper ways about how to care of the rifle scope.

Place it in the padded bag while transporting

We are provoked whenever we are starting a hunting journey. And at that time we forget to carry our rifle scope carefully. As a result, most of the cases it ruined our trip before starting.

However, if the rifle scope is not mounted correctly to the gun during the hunting transportation, it may continuously roll around in the case and finally can be damaged due to random bumping and rolling with the other utilities of hunting. So, we can mount it properly before transportation. Also ensure, it is free form bumping or rolling inside the utility box. Our shooter expert always suggests that the rifle scope might be wrapped or keep it in a padded bag in the transporting time. So, we can easily avoid the friction and the damage of the rifle scope.

It is true that Riflescopes are working better whenever you clean it frequently, as like what you do with your rifle. However, if you get a cheap scope for buy or sell, then you also need to aware of its care correctly. Trust me. Otherwise, it may become valueless. This is the first things for all the professional hunters are well trained for firearm maintenance. Especially keeping the gun barrel and properly function and clean them.  The sorrow matter is that, if you have no maintenance training about how to store a rifle scope then I will suggest you get training of maintenance and cleaning the telescope sights at least! But it is not so much useful.

How to keep the rifle scope fit and active all time

I know already you searching a lot in Google how you care about your rifle scope, but anybody helps you step by step. But here I tell you about all the tips how you can easily care of your rifle scope with low cost. Please stay continue with me.

Regularly wipe out

We must know that the rifle scope is also one kind of machine part. As a result, it will be most reliable if we always give it to extra care every time.

If you are now out of the hunting season and busy with yourself for hunting the local small animals, at this time if your scope is not working correctly please any a headache with is not the big issue. But whenever you are on an expensive hunting trip and got an exotic hunting opportunity in front of you.

But if you lost your position due to your rifle scope, then it will affect you more. So please keep fitting your scope regularly. Otherwise, it will be not worthy of your money!

In this modern and sophisticated life, most of the contemporary rifle scopes are well made. Most of the cases they are efficient and so much convenient to use. But it is also true that our hunters forget to clean the rifle scope in time. So, this may be using them out of the field.

Aware with nature

You must follow these precautions as the further steps- against the door frame please never set your rifle anymore. Also never set your rifle at the bumper of the track.

Because if you do this, they can merely be made some problem with it. Of course, due to the sensitive scoop of your gun scope, you always keep them save form any frictions.

Also, due to the sensitive nature of your rifle scope, your primary goal is to keep others safe who are nearby of it. In this case, please keep your rifle down and the best way to keep it-I will suggest you lay it down on the ground. So, it never falls over!

Always use the plastic cover

By the way, there are many reasons why you need to cover the rifle scope with the plastic cover. If you cover with the plastic cover, then it will dust off. Besides, most of the time give it a gentle wipe whenever you first keep it out for hunting purpose.

I already mentioned the smooth brash works better for it. You need to clean both lenses and body part with the soft brash. You can also soft towel piece for wipe the dust. But remember never use course papers as it can scratch on the surface of the lenses. So, you should avoid it to use.

Common mistakes you should know about taking care of your rifle scopes

Here I will discuss you that you never do this type of errors when you care of your rifle scope. Please never do this to you. Follow my steps and keep your rifle scope fit all time. Our expert hunters share their views with us and guide us with these best tips. Hope you always follow this tips while caring your rifle scope.

Never use paper for cleaning

If you are searching which type of brush is ideal for wipe the dust-then, I will suggest you buy the best brands blower camera brush. This kinds of rush are reliable for cleaning the dust. Without any difficulty, you can clean the scope lenses.

You may use the soft cloths, but I never recommend it as it can make stretch on the glass. The professional hunters are also using the blower brush. So, you should also collect one for you and clean your lenses and knobs with this useful tool.

Moreover, this smooth brush will help you to seep the pollen which is settled at the corner of the gun eyepiece. Also, you must find out the pollen between the windage bell and the knobs middle portion even in the tube. Always clean this portion carefully otherwise it may be damaged.

Do Maintenance course instead of home practice

The best tips for keeping your rifle scope fit- you must routine the firearm maintenance course. As a result, you can identify and check the tightness of the guns mounted.

Also, you can manage your screw mount efficiently. But I will suggest you if you have an opportunity to get HW77 air rifle course then must sit with it. In this short-term course, you can easily face hard recoiling performance as well. Never forget to practice a lot at you’re your home.

Careful about the transportation

Always aware in the transportation time. You should check the rifle lenses, gun case, lens cap.

I strongly suggest you use leather or plastic caps for transport it one place to another replace. This plastic caps also keep your rifle scoops clean.

You know that the rifle scope I the major part of your rifle. If you lost or broke it, then your rifle will be valueless.

If you have the old tubed steel scopes, then you need to give regular wipe on it. Otherwise, it occurs mold on it.

Never put your rifle scope on the log

Another major factor, if you need to put the rifle down, please bushed lay on the floor. As a result, it never falls over and damages the scope anymore. Always stay alignment of the rifle scope.

Never forget to keep the rifle scopes scooped with the rifle at that time. I also recommend you never leaning your rifle on the log as it can fall and the rifle scope may break or damage.

So please conscious about it. In my life, I have many examples that. Most of the people make this mistake, and finally, they damaged their guns. So, never be a fool like them. Be smart hunter always.


So, still, you have any question about how to properly care for your rifle scope? Hope no. I already described all of its every aspect how conveniently you could protect and care your rifle scope. Please follow my steps and diminish any damage to your rifle scope. Happy hunting!

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