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What does eye relief on a scope mean?

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What Is Eye Relief On A Scope? – [Eye Relief Explained]

Have you experienced a smack in the face with your rifle scope? If yes then it is for your scope that has not the eye relief installed.

Even you have the view from your scope in the whole, but you have to scrunch your neck while having the view, the eye relief is not set properly.

For hunters, the best eye relief scope is the best companion. They don’t need to view the full image of the target sticking the eyes in the scope. The eye relief does all the work.

What is eye relief on a scope? Eye relief is the distance from the eye scope where the eye pupil will enter to have the full view. Without the eye relief, if you hold the scope too close – you will see a fuzzy image and if you hold it too far – the image will be like a dot in the center. So, eye relief is important for a scope.

What you need to know more about eye relief

Let’s get this straight, eye relief is for all the optics whether it is rifle scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars.

But the modern optics already have the eye relief, so for new users, there are no worries.

The thing is you have to know how to do all the calculation with the eye relief. Usually, the measurement comes in millimeter or inch, and it is for the exit pupil.

The optics use the lenses to magnify the light; then the light diverts to the light cone that passes through the eyepiece.

The exit pupil usually comes in a large size than the used one. The size helps to keep the visual in place even the user moves slightly. This is known as vignetting.

As the eye relief allows to view the image clear by calculating the distance, so the users can enjoy any view like bird watching or sight viewing without missing anything.

The standard eye relief of scope is 1 ½ inch.  As a new user, you have to start from this low magnification power and go up to 2 ½ inches.

Now the thing is, you cannot enjoy any view without a perfect rifle scope and a proper eye relief. With the eye relief, the image gets large and clear. You need an eye relief even you wear an eyeglass, and it is all for the clear image.

What to consider while picking an eye relief

You will need a large eye relief. That is because the larger the eye relief will be, the image will be that much clearer. So you have to check the size of the eye relief and the optic also.

The google users have to pick the optic that has a large one because they have to allow to see the view without risking any glass damage.

Thanks to the modern sporting optics that they have installed a built-in eye relief, so you will not have to take the extra hassle to get an eye relief. But you will need a rotating eye cap for the eye relief.

You have to check the durability of the eye relief as you can’t bear a wrong eye relief for your scope. The material has to ensure you to give longtime service.

I know some will get confused but pricey eye relief is highly recommended. Because a good eye relief comes at a high price and they promise a long-time service.

Adjusting the eye relief

As most of the scope has no built-in eye relief. The user has to learn the adjustment.

The adjustment is all about the fitting your neck length, buttstock length, shoulder thickness, and your cheek shape – all these have to be in the position to allow to keep your eye position properly.

There is some simple way to adjust the eye relief:

  • You have to be sure about the distance about the rear scope ring. The ring has to be near the rifles eject port.
  • The ring cap stays tighten with screws. You have to loosen them. This will allow sliding the scope to adjust.
  • As for the hunters, they have to adjust the eye relief before putting on the heavy clothes.
  • Make sure the lens cap is removed, and the magnification power is to be set in the highest number. The highest power setting will give the shortest view range.
  • Your position affects eye relief. Adjust the eye relief in a proper way so that you can put your position in a comfortable place.
  • Slide the eye relief until there is no perimeter shadow.

Variations of eye relief:

There are different models and brands of eye relief scopes. There are also different ranges in the long and short zoom ranges.

Let me give an example – a 3×9 scope means the eye relief range is greater in 3x than the 9x.  So, don’t pick a 14x or 20x scope for a .300 Winchester Magnum, pick the lesser one.

Wrapping up

Eye relief is a required device for keeping an eye on the target or a view. In this article, you got information about eye relief and the importance. Honestly, I have shared my personal experience as once upon a time I was a hunter.

For the lens, users have to understand the need of the eye relief because it ensures a clear image in a perfect distance.

If you fail to pick the proper eye relief, I am sorry you will experience a bad view and a horrible experience with your scope.

Take your time when you are thinking of getting one, check the variations and specifications and take the one that fulfills your requirement — happy ranging with your scope.

What Do Spotting Scope Numbers Mean

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What Do Spotting Scope Numbers Mean?

Today I will talk about the best and powerful optic tool to enjoy sight or land view and bird watching. To get the best spotting scope, you have to know a lot about the scope.

Even if you know what you are taking, the numbers of the scope will confuse you a lot. What do these spotting scope numbers mean?

Don’t get frustrated with the numbers as they are easy to understand. How? Let me explain.

What do the numbers mean?

I will try to explain the numbers in a simple way. Do stick with me:

Spotting scope numbers:

In a spotting scope, you will find two sets of numbers like 20- 60 x 80mm. Let me explain this number:

  • Here the number 20 is the least magnification power of the scope.
  • The second number 60 is the topmost power magnification level.
  • Between the two number, there is a hyphen that separated the numbers. The hyphen is known as zoom scope.
  • The x before the 80mm means the diameter of the objective lens in mm.

Note: remember if the x comes before the number then it means the diameter of the lens and if the x comes after the number than it stands for the power range.

You will find another type of number like 4×32.  This number represents:

  • The number before the x is 4 and it means the magnification power is 4x. the number after the x is 32 and it means the objective lens is 32 mm. though there is no mm, the standard size of the optical lens comes in mm. There is no option for zoom scope.

Some scope comes in these numbers like – 5x scope or 8x scope.  These numbers represent the number of magnification power. Like 5x means 5 times magnification power. Still confused? Well, the simple meaning is the picture will come in 5 times bigger when you see through the scope.

The objective lens size:

An objective lens is for letting in the light. The larger the lens is the much light will enter in the lens. The lens makes the image clear and bright even in low light.

From the binocular lenses, the spotting scope lenses come in a bigger size. Why? Because with the lenses you can enjoy the birds flying home in the dusk. As the dusk time, there is less light, you can have a bright picture in high magnification like 80 x or 60x.

The question is what is the ideal lens size? It is up to you, what you want? Better image quality or lighter and smaller spotting scope? At first, you have to know where you will use the scope. For a fixed location take an 80mm scope, to travel take a 50-60 mm scope.

Few other numbers:

There are more other numbers that you will find a spotting scope. Here is the explanation of the numbers:

Field of view:

The field of view gets narrower for magnifying power. In the scopes, there are different parameters that provide different magnification. You have to use the magnification power per your requirement.

The standard range of the field of view of a human is 210 degrees. You can adjust the range with a scope.

With a bigger field view, the picture or the object gets clear and easy to spot. You can also have a great view of a moving object.

For an example, spotting scope magnification for 1000 yards @ 100-142 ft means you can see the 100th field of view at 1000 yards without any scope or binoculars.

Eye relief:

There is a common question about what does eye relief on a scope mean? Well, the eye relief is the measurement of the closeness on the eyepiece of your eye.

This measurement depends on the magnification power. The low magnification power has a large distance eye relief and the higher one requires close distance.

There is a standard measurement of eye relief in most of the spotting scopes and that is 16.7-17 millimeters. In this range, your picture will be clear, but more than this range will not allow you to see a clear picture.

Eye relief is best for them who wears eyeglasses. A thick glass wearer can also have a clear view in 12-16 mm distance, thanks to the eye relief.

Exit pupil:

The exit pupil of a scope means the diameter of the light that enters the eye after leaving the scope. The diameter of this exit pupil comes in different mm like in the dark night it comes in 6mm, in low light it comes in 4-5 mm and in the day is 2-3 mm.

Tube diameter:

For a spotting scope, the tube diameter is for adjusting the scope. The tube has no function in optical quality. Many scopes have tubes that come in one inch in diameter. Some scopes have a thirty-millimeter tube.


The spotting scope comes in an ounce or kilogram when it comes to weight. The scope is heavy and hard to hold for a long time. you will need a tripod to have support while sight-seeing. make sure to know about the number before dealing with a tripod.


The length is the measurement of the scope from top to bottom. It comes in an inch.


The best spotting scope makes your adventure interesting and enjoyable.  But for the new users, the numbers make the little-complicated situation. But the truth is the numbers just talks about the magnification power and the objective lens size.

You may think to use a binocular, but the scope magnifies is much better and perfect for wildlife, birdwatching, and hunting view. Just put the scope in perfect position and enjoy the view in a safe distance without disturbing your target.

You can add an adjustable eyepiece and magnify power per your requirement. So, don’t get confused with the number, just go through this post. You will get help and enjoy your time with the scope.

how to mount a rifle scope

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How to Mount a Rifle Scope – [7 Proven Tactics]

As you already know that an improperly mounted rifle scope will not shoot precisely. But yet, you know that? Lots of people are there who are hiring some other people to mount their rifle, whereas some of them are shooting with the wrong mounted rifle scope.

There are a couple of factors to take care of the accuracy of the rifle scope. Among them, the wrong mounted rifle scope may create big accuracy issues. You may think that it is easy to mount a scope on a rifle. But it is not easy at all.

Mounting rifle scope has lots of steps. It is not only about putting the scope in some rings and then tightening all the screws. Well! Don’t get scared or disappointed knowing that it is tough to mount a rifle. In this content, we are breaking the proven tactics on how to mount a rifle scope properly.

Sounds Cool!

Let’s Start!

7 Easy Tactics to Mount a Rifle Scope

Casually, the professionals follow these 7 steps to mount their rifle scope. Therefore, they never faced any side effects to using their rifle by fitting. On the other hand, if you follow these same steps, you will also get used to with these steps. Let’s not waste much time and dive into those essential steps:

Match the Bases as well as the Rings

Nowadays, the scope of the modern rifles grooved for the attachments of precise mounting. Or else the rifles are tapped as well as pre-drilled for the given range. So the main step as a starting is to take care of the system of mounting.

You must select the perfect fitting size mounting system for your rifle. For the ideal scope positioning, you must take care of the diameter of the rings as well as the heights of that rings.

There are some rings which fit on some specific category bases of scopes. So make sure that you have the engaged components with your rifle.

Mount Bases

Usually, the lower you mount your base on your rifle, the more it will be precise for you. But, make sure that the objective bell doesn’t touch the barrel.

This procedure helps to keep the clearance at the eyepiece of the bolt’s free operation. You will find that most of the rings, as well as the bases, are attached along with the screws. Sometimes by the Torx wrenches, whereas sometimes by the heads of the sockets.

You must wipe the surface to make it dry and clean before attaching the base. After rubbing the surface, pour 1 or 2 drops of oil or else rust preventive. Check out the alignment properly that the base is not attached backward.

Keep the Mount Locked With Your Rifle

To maintain the security, you can use some compound of thread-freezing which includes the Loctite. Make sure that you apply those compound by small drops.

Don’t pour lots of them. When the mount fits on your rifle, then tighten up the screws to keep it stuck.

Well! Here is a great twist. If the rings attached at the front base, then you shouldn’t use the scope to pivot the ring to stay in position. Instead, you can use a wooden dowel which includes the same diameter.

Alignment of the Reticle

To move the scope both back and forth as well as to rotate the scope, you can tighten the rings’ top halves by placing the bottom halves of the rings on its place.

After that, you better rotate the scope with the rifle’s held level, till it gets precisely vertical as well as horizontal.

Adjust the Relief For Your Eye

Make sure your eyes stay safe form the impact of recoil. And for that surety, you have to place your scope a bit forward from your eye position level.

As you already know that, there is a rule of thumb. In that case, you have to place the scope an inch more forward than the actual place.

Tight the Screws

After completing all those steps, have a second look at the position of the scope that is it okay or not. If it is okay, then tighten up the screws of the ring.

Make sure that you have tightened up the screws alternately for the spacing within the halves of the rings.

Bore Sight

With the proper pin of insertion, you must insert the boresight for your caliber that you are using. After that, you will set up the horizontal and the vertical axis for the aim point that you need.

Once and for all, give a check at the whole concept you did to mount your rifle and go for a review. I can guarantee you that you will never face any problem to mount your rifle in future. But I am again warning you to keep the scope slightly forward from your eye level to keep your eyes safe from the recoil.


Done! With mounting? Hurrah! You got a perfect aim, right? Yeah! You should. Like you, if any more people are facing issues to mount their rifle. Make sure you help them as well with these steps.

Now then as you don’t have the same question anymore about how to mount a rifle scope, therefore you should go for more aims as a practice to make your target more precisely.  Mounting the rifles seems fun. But it is better to mount the rifle appropriately. THANKS.

How Can I Clean The Inside Of A Rifle Scope

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How Can I Clean The Inside Of A Rifle Scope? [Don’t Do It]

Due to extended use of a rifle scope, a frequently asked question is that- How can I clean the inside of a rifle scope? The answer is don’t do this. You can’t clean the inside of a rifle scope. Only if your scope lens get dirty you can clean it using some components like lens brash, smooth cloth etc.

If your rifle scope has problem from inside or anything in this then you should return it to the manufacturer. Modern rifle scope generally sealed with inert gas, so it’s a definitely wrong idea to clean inside of it.

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Here I will share with you some scope lens cleaning tips that can done from outside.

How to Clean The Lens of a Rifle Scope Easily

There are different types of steps and tricks to ensure your rifle scopes clarity and brightness. But trust me, of among them, only little steps are decent and productive.

It is clear that to deal with a successful and clean shoot it is mandatory to have a translucent and a clean rifle scope.

Now, if you don’t have the proper opportunity of your attention and take care of your rifle scope during the hunting time, in an adverse atmosphere place rather you concern to be more alert and conscious to your focus than the rifle scope.

So the term proverb which is popular in this fact- always prevention is much better than the cure, does not become true in this situation. Because the cure is better than prevention.

No more fuss now, let’s discuss the solutions!

Decently Brush your rifle scope

Dust and little pollen can accumulate on the lens surface easily. In this case, the pellucidity of the lenses may decrease.

To fix this issue, All you need to do take the lens pens or a soft brush which are grease and oil free, then decently clear the brush dust carefully thus it don’t may occur any damage.

Also, you should have needed some ideas about Windex on the rifle scope if you keep your rifle scope safe.

Not only that, before and after your hunting tour, you should do this step every time. While you are storing your rifle scopes, you need to do this that time.

It will keep your gun safe all time without reducing the lenses sharpness. Finally, if you do this regularly, it will fit your gun scope clean, and its transparent parts are also safe. So, never forget to brush decently before and after your hunting tour.

Must use the smooth microfiber cloth

Other vital reasons to decrease your lucidity and celerity of your lenses are the imprint and smudges. If you prevent and fix this smudges, take a handkerchief or a smooth microfiber cloth. This will make your task easy.

Why I choose microfiber cloth? Well. Microfiber cloth contains Triangular fiber element which main differs from the other type of cotton cloths.

So, all-time use the microfiber cloth instead of any cotton cloth as it will keep your lenses safe. Another reason is that,

Cotton cloths contain circularly fibers which are responsible for producing oil smudges on the rifle surface. So, we always prefer microfiber napkin, and it is our high recommendation to you.

Use this wiping cloth to rub away the smudges and blemishes from your gun scope. So, use this cloth every time. This way, you can see debris inside rifle scope easily.

Use soft premium grade gun tissue

Most of the time some hidden object like thick water and farina spot can get stuck hardly on the surface of the lens. Sometimes it seems like irremovable.

At this situation, you may think to try to fix it with the help of ordinary napkin. At that time, just rubbing the gun lenses. You also should know how to disassemble a rifle scope if you do this task decently.

But honestly speaking, this the rubbish and stupid idea. This type of attempt is just a waste of time. Please never try this attempt to prevent the problem.

To eliminate this kind of dust or spot, please use premium grade soft tissue and try to rub it smoothly on the lens. This is the job how decently you can do it.

You may also use the suggested cleaning ingredient on the soft tissue. This type of combination will work great to prevent the problem.

But here is also a pattern. You need to start it from the middle. The continuously go the edge. Please do this task slowly.

If you can do it regularly before and after the hunting tour, it will wipe away the water spot. It also removes the stubborn stains from the surface of your lenses.

After using the wet issue, then use the dry tissue to get better performance.

Clean your hand before clean the rifle scope

I saw many topics about how to fix a cloudy scope, but there was no particular solution for that term. Now I will explain how you can also fix that issue

Before start cleaning the lens, you should wash your hand. But you should wash your hand under the adequate light. Please, never hurry to do it.

Then please focus on those parts where the hidden dust on the lens is. Please do this process decently. Carefully clean the rifle scope lens with your fresh, clean hand.

You should recall that, which kind of ingredients you should use or not. You may identify, which type of components works great on which type of spots.

Please set up your mind to use the particular ingredients for the different kinds of spots

Use Gun protective cover

You may find different types of lens covers on the local market. Of course, all of them are not great. Please find out the best brand for you.

If you use the protective cover, then you can easily handle any unexpected accident. This cover always prevents your lens whenever you have you are not able to focus on it due to busy on the other staffs.

Use every time gun safe

I highly recommend you to use the gun safe. Sometimes you may think that it is not so much necessary to you. But trust me- if you use any gun safe, then it will prevent your lens and guns body parts from any sport or strains.

If you keep it in the commonplace, then it may decrease by anything or anyone. So the wise idea s, use a gun safe.

Never only think about your gun while you’re in a hunting range, but also think about it whenever you keep it at home.

Gun Scope cleaning and preventing tools

Hope, you read this article attentively. If you focus on those steps, you did everything positive for your gun. Now time to introduce with you some ingredients, which you must use while cleaning the gun scope.

In this article about how do you clean the inside of a rifle scope? Now let me introduce with you some essential gun staffs which will work great if you use it correctly.

Essential Scope cleaning tools you must buy:

This is the best scope lens cleaning solution. You must buy this.

  •  Leopold lens pen
  •  Blower brush
  • Lens paper
  • Cleaning kits
  • Microfiber napkin
  • Retractable brush
  • Premium tissue and soft paper

How to use rifle scope usage tools

Now I will tell you how to use those tools effectively.

Lens pen/brush:

Lens pens are only manufactured and modified for the gun lenses. Apparently it the best tool for clean your rifle scope lens easily. Never use other items to clean the rifle lens.

The regular brushes do not work great. If you use the brush instead of a lens pen, then it can grow starch on the lens. Please follow circle motion to wipe out the dust.

Cloths and liquid:

I already mentioned that Microsoft cloth is working great because it has a triangle fiver in it, which is effective to rub out the streets.

If you use this cloth, then you can clean the dust inside rifle scope without any complexity. Never use typical ordinary cloth as it contains circular fibers.

So, only use Microsoft cloth and mix it with gun liquid then wipe your gun. Besides, you must buy the best scope cleaner for your gun scope.

Lens paper/hard paper:

Lens paper is also an essential tool for cleaning the gun lens. At first wet, the paper with the gun liquid then rubs out with it.

Do the process slowly. It will work great if here has any oil spot or the water shades on the surface.


Finally, you got overall every aspect of how you can easily clean and protect your gun scope. In this trendy article about how do you clean the inside of a rifle scope, I mentioned the proper steps of the cleaning methods of the rifle scope. Just one point I want to get you that- if your gun scope is clear then you will be the professional shooter.

rifle scope using

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How to Use a Rifle Scope? – [Hunting Guide]

Photo Credit:  Scopes For Ruger 10/22

If you like hunting prey, it is vital to ensure that you know and recognize how to use a rifle scope.

In today’s realm, rifle fanatics understand the reputation of precision once it comes to hunting game.

This is one aim why they take the time to fix their sights on a tool for hunting — especially the ones that assist in optical sighting as well as aiming.

When trading with moving bulls, it is often puzzling to line up your gun to the animal that you are trying to kill. You have only one shot besides if that shot is lost, you will devote a lot of time penetrating for your next target.

In this article, you will learn how to aim with a scope and all the steps for a rifle scope tutorial.

This will allow you to know how to look through a rifle scope and hit your prey on the mark. And you’ll be able to hunt the very first time that you take goal while chasing.

Rifle Scope Parts You’ll Be Working With

The reticle – This frequently resembles a positive sign (+), the middle of which is where you need the shot to hit. Certain have mil dots to let the shooter regulate manually for high winds or other situations.

Eye relief – The pan between your eye and the ocular lens as you get a full field of sight in the scope. The more away this is, the improved the scope.

The objective lens -The lens at the finish of the rifle scope farthest from your eye.

Power ring – The part that regulates the magnification.

Ocular lens – The lens that is nearest to your eye.

Eyepiece – This grips the ocular lens

Eye bell – Grasps the eyepiece.

Factors for the Ideal Rifle Scope to Begin With

Three top characters play an essential role when thinking about how to use a rifle scope. These are magnification, reticle, and light diffusion. Magnification raises to how near you can make the target genuinely look.

There are two kinds of scopes. One is fixed, and the other one is variable scopes. Fixed scopes have one magnification as well as are the least adaptable in their use.

Variable magnification lets shooting in an expansive variety of settings and choices. Maximum scopes are regarded something like this three into nine.

This denotes that the scope can alter its magnification from three times the actual size to nine times the actual size. You may also see the description 3x9x40 with the last number denoting to the detached lens diameter of forty mm.

The second aspect of scopes is the reticle. These are classically crosshairs on a scope and regulate where the bullet must land on the mark. They can be carved on the beaker of the scope or be a set of chains in front of the lens.

If you are shooting mainly in woods, pick a thicker reticle so it won’t get mislaid in the clutter of the contextual. Reedier reticles are perfect for snowy surroundings where the black lines would stand out and provide you improved site of the mark.

Light spread is the third top aspect in picking a hunting rifle scope. This chief offsets the things of climate on shooting. In low light situations, such as sundown or wild weather there can be a problem.

Light transmission would move how much of the reticle could be met and how the right timing is. Maximum scopes have a light transmission of ninety percent or more and must work quite well in most circumstances. The topmost scopes can have light spreads as high as the ninety-eight percent.

Take Safety Measurements

When using your rifle scopes, you must forever put safety first. Begin by guaranteeing the gun is on protection. Also, you must keep your fingers away from the prompt triggering.

Moreover, make sure the gun is not full. Now you can carefully put your weapon in a revolver vice to steadily hold it while you confer the scope. If you do not have a clamp, sandbags since they are a decent substitute.

Positioning the Eyepiece

Firstly you should position your eyepiece, set the distance to your shooting eye, so the position is correct when in your shooting position.

Having an image that is sharp and clear when you look through the eyepiece is an important part here. To make sure you are in the correct place you need to confirm that.

Aligning Your Rifle Scope

This step has a direct connection with how to use a scope for long range shooting. So read carefully and take notes. Now your eyepiece is in the position you need to level your crosshair.

Your rifle should be held in a steady position, the best way to achieve this is to set your rifle on a stand so that the rifle stock is level and square to the ground level.

Now you need to rotate the crosshair so that the vertical crosshair is at top dead center, imagine a line through the crosshair that runs directly through the center if your rifle.

The next thing to do is to define the distance at which you want to zero your rifle scope. Typically this is the distance at which you are presumably to shoot once in the field. Set a target at the compulsory distance.

You will need to have the power to zero the scope as soon as you take it to the firing scale. This will confirm that from an expanse far away the bullet would land on the mark where the scope is being beset at.

When aligning the rifle scope, you would be probable to know how far the bullet will travel. As soon as you have established this, you would have the skill to align the scope.

This is perhaps the easiest way to utilize when aligning it – but it is not the single method. Specific scopes are trim out with ballistic plex or mil-dot reticle.

These will give the rifleman the influence to align their mark easier when extra away than the suitable hundred yards zero point.

Mounting the Scope

Mounting is slightly about how to adjust a rifle scope. You need to have a clear idea on how do rifle scope adjustments work for better.

Maximum new rifles have pad screws in place. And you will require to remove them before employing your scope plates or base. Later when you eliminate these screws, you might need to clean the place with a degreaser. Then coat with a decent oxidation inhibitor.

All scope mount will accompany their specific orders. You must place your base plate on the rifle rendering to these instructions.

Scope mounts are so diverse there are no one size suits all commands for their installation. For additional security, you can add fiber locking mix to the base screws.

This will keep them from reversing out over time before you stiffen the base down concurring to specs.

Next, fasten your front and rear scope rings. Do this again concurring to manufacturer’s lessons. If you are lucky enough to have association bars for suitably setting your rings, you will put the alignment bars into your rings up until they almost stroke in the middle.

As soon as your rings are correctly aligned, the points on the bars would be aligned precipitously and horizontally. If the arrangement is not spot on you can alter the front ring with the windage nuts.

Scope mount tools will come with exact torque stipulations, torque all screw for the base plate. The next step is to stiffen your mounting base firmly ensuring that the crosshair stays top dead center.

Make sure again that your crosshair is best dead center ber. Now, bit by bit tighten your mounting rings. Tighten the screws using contrary corners like when tensing a car head gasket.

Making Zero

Lie in your common shooting situation and check that you can see over the scope well. The distance between your eye and the back scope lens is known as Eye Relief.

Like the cartoons, you must not use a scope by demanding your eye up contrary to the scope lens! As soon as you are contented only then finish the screwing down of all mounts so that your set up is compact.

Also, make sure that at this stage you keep the concluding turns part. Also, one by one you need to ensure pressure is equivalent. Now it’s instant to zero the rifle scope for gunfire.

  1. Simply load the rifle. Implement your custom prone/lie down shooting situation. Motionless is the most elegant way as if you test shoot from standup or kneeling situations you vacillate more. And so it’s harder to do a “perfect test.” Also, have some target in position for like twenty yards. Or so forth you think your “ideal” range will be.
  2. Try employing crosshair on goal center. You need to take two to three shots. Notice where they fall about where you need them to.
  3. Two to three shots are best as it will be regular out shooter imprecision. Also, it will give you a more “noteworthy” feel for how far or near you are from accurate zero.

Other Important Parts to Check

  • Get yourself in a stable shooting situation. Because it’s vital that your rifle is durable as any drive will disturb you rifle scopes zero position.
  • Eliminate the tops from your rifle scopes windage besides the elevation turrets.
  • Try to set a goal at the center of your prey and take your 1st shot. Also, it is vital to do this on a day with nominal wind.
  • Make sure to regulate your elevation steeple up or down. Also, you need to alter the windage turret left or right. This will be depending on where your bang hit the prey.
  • Take an additional shot as soon as you finish adjusting. Keep on and do adjustment to your windage and elevation up until you are steadily hitting the midpoint of your aim.

What to Avoid When Using Rifle Scope

My father and uncle usually went hunting on horseback when I was a child. So to have fun, I often join them even though my considerations about horses weren’t very helpful when I was a kid.

We were going back to the horse trailer later of an ineffective day of shooting the elusive wapiti. My father had Remington 30.06.

It was mounted crossways to 3X9 Leupold scope. And the horses began to run up the track. It wasn’t ten minutes into the route, and my father’s rifle went winged off of his back and beating the dirt.

The screw that was hugging the dangle to the rifle had come out. My heart sunk just as low as his rifle as I see it hit a patch of loose dirt.

After we stopped the horses and he held his rifle and determined to see if it still shot level. And what happened next was a shot? It shot as level as an arrow.

And it yet shoots as pure as ever and has taken down some deer and elk. This experience told me to take care of the two rules.

Rule One: Be thorough of your footing when the soil is wet and icy chiefly when you’re hiking on grass up a vertical hill.

Rule Two: If you are riding a horse check that you put your rifle into a covering and not hung over your back.


So that’s all about how to use a rifle scope and hunt to get your prey shot on the point. If you ponder the factors in this guide, you will have a better experience while using rifle scopes.

These will let you target your prey when hunting accurately. It is also vital to know the buy a good rifle scope that is obtainable to you before going for hunting.

There are a few models on the market these days that range from inexpensive to tremendously expensive. Best of Luck with Shooting on Point!

best gun cleaning rods

Buying Guides


Servicing and maintaining a gun’s bore requires a great cleaning rod. Usually, cleaning kits come with different tools. Amongst them, a gun cleaning rod should comes as an essential component. With the flaws most multi-piece gun cleaning rods have, most gun users have been pulling away from them.

As a result, single-piece rods have increased in popularity to cater for the disappointment of the latter rods.

Does your current rod give you no joy while cleaning your gun? If the answer is yes, you need to get a new one. Or do you intend to find the best gun cleaning rod, but, you don’t know how to pick the best with the plenty rods on the market?  

Our Top Pick

Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
  • Brand:
Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
  • Brand:
Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
  • Brand:

Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Rod

Well, take a glance at our list of 7 best gun cleaning rods in 2021 created after careful and in-depth research to find one that will meet your cleaning and servicing demands. The buying guide towards the end will help you to pin-point and select the best piece. Here is the quick list of Cleaning rods and Kits available on Amazon.

Cleaning Rods

  • Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
  • Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
  • Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
  • Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod
  • Hoppe’s No. 9 – Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle

Cleaning Kits

  • Tipton – Universal Bore Guide
  • Pro Shot .22-.45 Caliber – Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit

Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths

No. 1
Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
9.7/10 Our Score

This deluxe one-piece gun cleaning rod from Tipton designed to clean and service rifles and shotguns even in demanding situations. Its robust carbon fiber construction makes it a unique choice for lots of gun users. Its ergonomically designed handle swivels on two arrays of ball bearings causing it to follow the rifling smoothly for excellent control when cleaning.

Its shank-through construction lets the hammer blow towards the end of the rod to acquire a close-fitting patch through your bore. With the carbon fiber shaft, harmful particles will not get embedded to cause damage to your gun’s bore. This makes it sound equipment for cleaning any type of firearm.

Integrating excellent properties of both the coated cleaning and stainless steel, this one-piece rod is built to last. This stands as one of the best gun cleaning rods available in six different lengths as well as four-dia. to provide a wide range for selecting the rod that can perform exceptionally and also fit in the cleaning kit

  • High quality and reliable construction offer incredible durability.
  • Multiple caliber sizes and lengths make it reliable
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Comfortable handle grip enhances control
  • Some users find its sizing incorrect

Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle

No. 2
Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
9.3/10 Our Score

Dewey manufacturers have, for a long time, provided best firearm cleaning products. Being based in the USA, its product’s construction encompasses high-quality material, making them ideal for shooters around the globe. That is why the Dewey one-piece cleaning rod appears on our list of best gun cleaning rods.

This 22 to 26-inch caliber nylon coated rod has an extraordinary length of up to 30-inches. The end features 8 by 32 threads that permits you to screw on various brush adaptors, brass jag, and bore cleaning equipment. Usually, each rod comes with a hard plastic ball bearing handle that lets it rotate while rifling on any firearm barrel.

 Dewey one-piece cleaning rod stands as a high-quality cleaning tool with sturdy construction sure to last you longer than you may think. Its best designed for most handguns and requires no expertise to use.

  • Nylon coating and sturdy construction makes it ultimately durable
  • High-quality design with excellent performance
  • Ergonomic handle ensures perfect control
  • Suitable for longer firearms
  • Does not come with a plastic storage tube
  • The male tip lacks a protective cap for the filler tip

Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread

No. 3
Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
8.9/10 Our Score

The Hope’s Elite Cleaning rod has earned a great reputation on the market with an excellent cleaning and servicing performance. With top ratings and reviews made by its users, you rest assured 100% satisfaction from both the super art of cleaning and customer service. This equipment is well-designed to make gun cleaning more manageable than before.

Coming as a one-piece gun cleaning rod, it is exceptionally sturdy, regards to its carbon fiber construction. As a result, it will pass the test of time and any form of bending or breaking regardless of rigorous cleaning seasons. It is a 36-inch long rod with 8 by 32 threads providing you with the capability of nearly all cleaning tool attachment.

Besides, Hoppe’s Elite 1-Piece Rod features the best design to friendly clean all 22 caliber handguns and rifles. This makes it a super cool and versatile rod for gun cleaning. It has a soft and easy-to-hold handle, allowing you to use it comfortably. Plus, a ball-bearing swivel tends to be ultra-gentle on you barrel but hard on stubborn entangling.

  • Upgraded quality rod to allow for better cleaning
  • The ergonomic handle is soft and comfortable to use and control
  • Robust carbon fiber construction makes it ultimately durable
  • Best value for your money with great satisfaction

Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

No. 4
Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod
8.5/10 Our Score

Allen 30-inch Brass cleaning rod is a fantastic three-piece and best gun cleaning rod in our reviews. You will find it incredibly stylish and unique. Unlike other three-pieces rods with poor quality designs that cause them to break or bend even with the slightest pressure, this is quite the opposite. Its brass construction makes it reliable to withstand long periods of rigorous cleaning.

Its super soft coating guarantees you very minimal damage to the inner parts of your barrel in case you lose concentration. Additionally, the finish adds décor to it, thus giving an attractive look. The durable plastic handle is soft to touch and allows easy control for excellent cleaning of your rifle.

With a 30-inch length and 8 by 32 threads, Allen Brass Rifle cleaning rod will be the perfect fit for use on 30 caliber rifles. Besides, it suits the majority of standard cleaning brushes on the market. This three-piece rod is a must-have for your rifle cleaning kit.

  • Strong and durable sure to last longer
  • Cleans your riffle perfectly without a fuss
  • Long enough to suit all standard 30 caliber rifles
  • Exceptional quality sure to give you high performance
  • It may bend when intense pressure is applied

Hoppe’s No. 9 – Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle

No. 5
Hoppe’s No. 9 – Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle
8.1/10 Our Score

This brand new and best gun cleaning rod is highly attracting gun users and building its reputation for being one of the best aluminium made gun cleaning rod around the globe. It’s a three-piece set with unique design and quality than most of the rods in this line. Therefore, you can conveniently keep it securely in your rifle cleaning kit.

It comes with a ball bearing rotatory handle to follow the bore’s rifling. Additionally, this unit has a knob and slotted ends as well. This makes it easier than ever to have a perfect grip and control, allowing you to have ample time for cleaning your gun. Its design makes it to work exceptionally well without causing any damage to your barrel.

You will like how secure and reliable this set is thanks to the solid aluminium construction. This implies that there will be no more worries about your rod bending or breaking regardless of how rigorous the cleaning is. It has a lightweight and engineered best to work with all 22 to 30 caliber rifles hence universal.

  • Universal three-piece set as it fits 22 to 30 caliber rifles
  • Engineered to last thanks to the aluminium construction
  • Compact design for convenient storage
  • Easy and safer to use while cleaning your barrel
  • Relatively expensive than steel made rods

Tipton – Universal Bore Guide

No. 6
Tipton – Universal Bore Guide
7.7/10 Our Score

Tipton Universal comes next as one of the best gun cleaning rods on the market with remarkable performance. It is developed to secure both the bore and performance of your firearm by correctly aligning the rod to ensure easy cleaning. The solvent leakage into the gun’s action is reduced significantly with the help of the integrated solvent port.

A detailed bore cleaning guide included ensures bowing, rubbing, or gouging of the chamber does not happen, which can cause severe damage to your firearm. Its anodized aluminium tube makes it incredibly strong to resist bending or breaking hence lasts longer.

It is the best rod that can fit on most bolt action rifles, including other firearm styles. You can easily safeguard the bore guide by locking it into the bolt catch slot on the stock to allow hassle-free solvent addition as well as cleaning. Aligning the rod entirely prevents both your barrel from damage and directs the force provided on the handle.

  • Requires less effort to operate
  • Strong enough to last longer
  • Prevents your firearm from damage
  • Versatile as it fits on varied types of firearms
  • Improper usage can cause severe damage to the barrel

Pro Shot .22-.45 Caliber – Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit

No. 7
Pro Shot .22-.45 Caliber – Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit
7.3/10 Our Score

If you have been looking for the best gun cleaning rod made from stainless steel metal, our reviews happily provide Pro Shot Universal cleaning rod to you. Its quality is extraordinary with exceptional cleaning performance. Its a unique cleaning option will prevent your barrel jamming inside the bore continuously.

Unlike carbon fiber made rods, this stainless steel one-piece rod is micro-polished to allow it to slip and twist inside the barrel more easily swiftly. This provides a broad cleaning surface area. As a result, Pro Shot Universal cleaning rod best engineered to use on a bore guide as it doesn’t scratch the inner sides of your barrel.

This coated and robust stainless steel gun cleaning rod can last you many seasons of rigorous cleaning without breaking or bending. Not forgetting that its stationary yet ergonomically designed handle gives you the comfort and control you need while using it. Its brass patch holder suits 22 to 45 caliber pistols hence universal.

  • Effortless to use thanks to the micro-polishing
  • Built to last long hence cost-effective
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Small and convenient to store in your cleaning kit
  • The screw of the rod may loosen and fall off

Things to consider when selecting a Gun Cleaning Rod

A gun cleaning rod is a must-have tool for any gun owner. It not only helps you to clean but also service the barrel of your gun. The demand for these products has significantly risen, leading to all sorts of rods on the market. As a result, finding the best tool for the job is quite a hard rock to crack. Luckily, this buying guide will teach you of the essential things you need to be when check while making selections.


The material quality of a cleaning rod determines its pricing and durability. Most rods are made from materials like carbon fiber, aluminium, brass, steel and plastic materials. The higher the quality of the materials used to create a rod, the higher the price and the longer it will last. Aluminium, brass and steel rods are the strongest hence lasts longer. Choose good gun cleaning rod that can be much reliable and convenient to use without compromising its performance.


It will be ambiguous to choose a gun cleaning rod that is too small or too large for your barrel. Instead, you need to check the sizing and length of your firearm’s barrel and select one that will perfectly fit. This will help to securely and comfortably clean your gun.

Rod piece

Most gun cleaning rods come as single-pieces and multiple-pieces. Their functioning, however, varies considerably. Many three-piece rods come as part of cleaning kits whereas the one-piece rods are sold individually and made to cater for the inconveniencies of the latter rods. Depending on your preferences, choose the perfect gun cleaning rod piece that will offer you the best cleaning experience.

Usage benefits

It is imperative to select a good gun cleaning rod that will give you an easy time to clean. This depends on the design, coating and ergonomic handle grip of the rod. Well-polished and much-designed handle will provide you with ultimate control and swift to clean your gun’s bore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a gun cleaning rod?

A good gun cleaning rod is meant for individuals who possess a firearm. Whether it’s for individual love hunting, self-protection, police officers, in shooting sports or by military soldiers.

Why should you have a gun cleaning rod?

This is an essential cleaning tool in any cleaning kit. It not only helps to clean and remove particles inside the bore of your gun’s barrel but also facilitates maintenance and servicing. As a result, you will get the bullet to get expelled smoothly and swiftly with ease during a shooting.

Can a cleaning rod cause damage to my barrel?

Well, it depends on the hardness and design of the rod. A rough rod can severely damage your gun’s bore as compared to when using a soft and micro-polished rod. Also, an oversized rod can destroy the barrel when forced into the gun’s bore—the accuracy and force you use to clean the gun matters a lot.

Which one is the best between a one-piece and multi-piece cleaning rod?

According to most customer’s reviews, one-piece cleaning rods seem to be the best when it comes to strength, excellent quality, durability as well as cleaning performance. However, most multi-piece rods are characterized by poor quality design with unreliable performance. But, you can still find the best three-piece rods from the reviews above if that’s what you like.


If you want to give your gun’s bore and barrel a deep clean, you must have a good quality gun cleaning rod. Also, ultimate precision when cleaning up your firearm is required even if you have the best rod, or else, it will get damaged. Other factors like durability, ease of cleaning, rod size among others should form the basis of your selection. With the above 7 best gun cleaning rods, we guarantee you the exceptional quality products with remarkable performance and satisfaction as well.

Best 34mm Scope Rings

Buying Guides

Best 34mm Scope Rings In 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Scope rings are older but excellent scope mounting options for a shotgun or rifle. They are usually available in dual to help in attaching the scope base facilitating easy assembly to a firearm. Their design is pretty simple, sturdy, and operates correctly for an accurate and stable shot at your aim.

  • Certified USA 7075 T6 billet aluminum.
  • Hold it to an extremely tight tolerance of .0005
  • Finished off with a Type III hard coat anodize.
  • Sold two rings per package.
  • Dual Dovetail Rings 34mm High with a Matte finish.
  • Combatible with Leupold Dual Dovetail Mounts.
  • Provides a classic low-profile mount.
  • Forged and machined steel construction.
  • There is no need for tapered bases or shimming for 1000 yard shooting.
  • Deliver plenty of holding power with less weight.
  • Virtually sight your gun without moving the scope adjustments.
  • Lightweight

5 Best 34mm Scope Rings Reviews

There are scope tubes with a diameter of 30mm, whereas a few of the 34mm. The last scope rings are the best on the market for the excellent range of elevation modification allowing you to take a long-range shot. With the increased demand for these perfect firearm mounting tools, finding the best set for a reliable performance has never been a mere walk in the park.

That’s why we identified the five best 34mm scope rings worth the value for your money. Besides, our detailed buying guide will come to your rescue in case you find difficulties in making the right selections.

Vortex Optics – Precision Matched Riflescope Rings

No. 1
Vortex Optics – Precision Matched Riflescope Rings
9.4/10 Our Score

The Vortex Optics Precision Rings are an ideal match for those who own a specialized 34mm scope for an ultra-long-range shot for up to two miles.  They offer you a wide range of selection to get the best clearance over your bore thanks to the five different height options provided by this set. With a modern and sleek design, these scope rings are the best for mounting any Picatinny.

A unique manufacturing process has been incorporated by Vortex, ensuring the best quality pair of precision rings for excellent alignment. This is helpful as it will restrict your scope from getting damaged and reduce the need for lapping. These Precision Rings have USA 7075 T6 certified high-grade aluminium billet manufactured by the Computer Numeric Controlled mills for exceptional strength and durability.

Four scope and two rail mounting bolts have a similar hex design plus an included hex wrench are developed to provide a firm grip for a steady shot on target. With an unlimited lifetime warranty offered on these scope rings, you are guaranteed a satisfactorily mounting experience. Additionally, they are incredibly reliable with an impeccable design than any other product on the market.

You will impressively find this scope rings from Vortex rugged, lightweight for flexibility, and an anti-snag design for convenience. Besides, they are sterilized, hand-bead blasted, vibratory tumbled as well as finished off with a Type III hard coat anodize. All of which makes this pair of scope springs exceptionally worth the price.

  • Effortless to set up
  • It’s developed by CNC milling technology for an excellent alignment
  • The Vortex incredible unlimited lifetime warranty for user satisfaction
  • Designed to allow for an ultra-long-range shot with minimal tolerances
  • Does not match with weaver style rails

Leupold Dual Dovetail – 34mm High Scope Rings

No. 2
Leupold Dual Dovetail – 34mm High Scope Rings
8.1/10 Our Score

TheLeupoldDual Dovetail mounting ring comes as one of the paramount 34mm scope rings with high demand from its users. It’s a two-piece designed for optimum accessibility to the breech area with ultimate accuracy, giving you the best riflescope mounting and adjustment of the scope tube. Its bases accept all rotary dovetail rings from Leupold.

It features a forged and machined steel construction makes this rings reliable and durable for long-lasting performance. The quad set of screws offers an additional strength included to ease the mounting process. With this set of scope mounting rings, you will enjoy a classic low-profile mount for optimum precision.

With a light weight of 4.64-ounces, this mounting unit is best engineered to satisfy the desires of portability and easy to mount. Its multiple excellent elegant finishes with clean lines make it stylish to use. Most importantly, it’s reasonably priced, meaning that users with a wide range of budgets can be comfortably accommodated.

  • The machined steel material construction makes it light and durable
  • Its two-piece design makes it to perform excellently
  • Easy to mount your scope tube
  • Versatile and available in different sizes for tons of rifles
  • The unit is only suitable and compatible with Leupold dovetail rings

Burris Optics – P.E.P.R Riflescope Ring Mount Ideal Mounting Solution

No. 3
Burris Optics – P.E.P.R Riflescope Ring Mount Ideal Mounting Solution
9.8/10 Our Score

If you are looking for a perfect mounting option for a remarkably robust and lasting beam, Burris Scope Rings will be an excellent choice. It offers the best optics mount perfect for the flattop mounting solution or the AR-style rifle. As a result, it gives you the necessary underneath clearance and high forward scope positioning.

The mounts and scope bases in this set come as a single-piece cantilever style system with two large knobs that firmly locks onto your firearm. With this set, you are guaranteed the best eye placement and a broad field of view. This allows you to see your targets for a long-range target shooting.

The Burris PEPR is availed in 1-inch, 30mm, and 34mm sizes to allow users to select their best dimensions for a perfect match with their firearms. Besides, both the Picatinny and smooth ring platforms are included for reliable use. The rings are uniquely designed with lightweight but sturdy aluminum material for a more extended period of performance.

Interestingly, this set is popularly used thanks to the ultimate quality the spring mount boasts. Beautifully designed and polished with black color and lightweight for a flexible and simple mounting. Plus, it is among the most inexpensive products that most users can afford. Its forever worry-free warranty from the manufacturer makes it an excellent mounting option you can pick.

  • Several sizes provide an extensive range of choice
  • Constructed with sturdy aluminium for a lasting performance
  • Delivers superb elevation for a complete field view as well as far-range shots
  • Extraordinary stability and quality gives a safe and dependable mounting structure
  • Reasonably priced hence it is ideal all budget types
  • Lacks a rapid disengage mechanism hence can be time-consuming

Seekins Ring – Precision Low High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring

No. 4
Seekins Ring – Precision Low High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring
8.9/10 Our Score

The Seekings Precision stands out as a piece of jewelry for firearms. It is among the finest and highly recommended firearm mounting rings available around the globe. It’s exceptionally milled and finished in an elegant black color that adds décor to your riffle. Once this low mount option is installed, the four cap screw bolts lock your firearm in position like a vault door allowing you to have an accurate shot on your target.

The aluminium alloy construction makes it incredibly durable, plus the strengthened fasteners let you take a complete turning without a mark. In case you need a mounting option that gives you an excellent match with your scope tube completely without giving you a strain point, try out Seekins Scope Rings today.

It is perfectly sized and designed well to last longer as well as give you the best field range of view. This ring is compatible with the Burris scope. Seekings Precision Scope Ring will provide you with an impeccable drilling and threading option for an excellent performance. Its quality is remarkable, and the best value for your money, assuring you optimum satisfaction.

  • Beautifully finished in a black color adding décor to your piece
  • Exceptional quality with utmost user satisfaction and worth your money
  • The steady and robust grip provides a comfortable shot
  • Perfectly fits scope tubes with a diameter of 34mm
  • Quite expensive
  • No warranty information is provided

Seekins Precision 34mm – Tube 1.0″ High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring

No. 5
Seekins Precision 34mm – Tube 1.0″ High 4 Cap Screw Scope Ring
8.5/10 Our Score

The Seekins Precision 34mm 1-Inch HighScope Ring allows you to mount your firearm with ultra-comfort. You will be fascinated by this fantastic and high-quality scope ring as it will give you a satisfying, stable and consistent mounting option. Besides, they provide competition-grade accuracy all the time you use them.

Seekins precision scope rings are the best available scope rings with superior design and high quality that guarantees you top-notch performance. Mounting this scope ring with the heavy-duty four-cap screws and bolts is pretty easy, accurate to detail, and time-saving.

Also, the user instructions provided makes it effortless and faster to use your firearm. It’s built to the 1913 Picatinny Specification from machined 7075-T6 aluminium hence lasts longer. They are also availed in 30mm and in heights from Low through AR High to accommodate most optic and rifle combinations.

  • Strong and durable CNC Machined 7075-T6 Billet makes it to last-long
  • Perfectly sized to fit most 34mm handgun and rifles scope tubes making it convenient for use
  • Effortless to install saving your precious time
  • Best quality and precision making it worth the price
  • It is relatively heavy hence not suitable for hunting or combat rifle

34mm Scope Rings – Buying Guide

While scope rings are crucial mounting options for most firearms, finding the best fit for your rifle scope can be a hard task. The main reason is due to the increased number of such equipment on the market, leaving the buyer in a stand-still state. That won’t be a problem anymore as this guide has answers to all your buying needs.


The first thing to do is to determine the scope tube and rifle combination you want to use. Many scope tubes have diameter sizes of one-inch, 30mm, and few of them 34mm. Depending on the type of elevation and range of shooting, you should select scope rings compatible with your scope tube in terms of diameter size.

Scope Base

Different scope tubes are compatible with varying bases of scope. While some have integrated scope bases with varying lengths of mounting rails, others have mounting points. Besides, scope rings and bottoms are designed with different heights to give an excellent clearance over the bore. It is essential to select the best rings that will provide you with a superb clearance room.


This is an essential thing to consider when choosing scope rings. Most of the units are made of steel and aluminium materials of different qualities, depending on the manufacturers. Scope rings constructed with heavy-duty steel and aircraft-grade aluminium materials should be the best options for you if you want your equipment to last longer.


Your featured unit should have an excellent height ideal for the objective lens of your scope. Some scope rings made to let users modify iron sights, giving them perfect short-range shots. Always choose the best product that will provide you with the ideal height for a better and broader field of view and a shooting range.


Last but not least, you should check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer. A right scope ring should be backed by a reliable warranty to cover you against product defaults. Always check for the proven design and reputation of the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all scope rings and scope tubes compatible?
Not all of them. Scope rings are compatible with different scope tubes. It depends on the design and diameter of these products have.

How can I know that the scope rings brand I choose will fit on my rifle?
Well, it is pretty straightforward. You need first to get the measurement of the diameter size of your firearm so that you can find the best matching ring.

How can I install my 34mm scope ring?
Installing your ring starts with detaching the four screws or bolts from the rings and opening them in halves. Put the scope tube in the ring halves and re-insert the recoil keys. Screw back the four bolts on both scope rings. Put the rings on top of the bases with the recoil keys. Tighten the bottom bolts while you Push each ring towards the muzzle for perfect seating on the recoil keys.


Regardless of the type of rifle and scope combination you are looking for, our list of the best five 30mm scope rings gives you the best pick you ever made before. What matters a lot is picking the rings with the perfect size to exceptionally fit with your scope tube for better results. 

Also, it should give you an excellent height for the optic lens with a functional clearance space below it. Let our FAQ section and buying guide help you out whenever you face any challenge while buying your preferred unit.

Best hand priming tool

Buying Guides

Best Hand Priming Tool In 2021 Reviews

A priming tool is vital as it helps you to place a brand-new cartridge back into the end of a brass. For most cartridges used before, you will see dents at the bottom of the primers. These dents give you an indication of them being worn out; thus, you require an appropriate tool to install the new one to ensure it ignites well.

Unfortunately, there are numerous kinds of these priming tools with different designs, making it hard for users to find the right equipment. In this article, we have identified the 5 best hand priming tools that give you excellent performance. Besides, our buying guide will help you make better selections.

Our Top Pick

RCBS 90200 – Great Quality Hand Priming Tool
RCBS 90200 – Great Quality Hand Priming Tool
  • Brand: RCBS
  • Dimensions: 10.3″ x 4.9″ x 1.8″
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces
RCBS 90201 – Universal Hand Priming Tool
RCBS 90201 – Universal Hand Priming Tool
  • Brand: RCBS
  • Dimensions: 10.9″ x 5.1″ x 1.8″
  • Weight: 8 Ounces
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool with Case for Reloading
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool with Case for Reloading
  • Brand: Frankford
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 9″ x 3″
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds

5 Best Hand Priming Tool

With the following reviews, we have highlighted the best hand priming tools available in the Amazon. 

Let’s do quick view if you’re in a hurry and you can also find the deep review for every Hand Priming Tool by scrolling down.

  1. RCBS 90200 – Great Quality Hand Priming Tool
  2. RCBS 90201 – Universal Hand Priming Tool
  3. LEE PRECISION 90700 – Auto Bench Priming Tool
  4. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series – Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool for Reloading
  5. Frankford 909283 Arsenal Platinum – Hand Deprimer Tool for Reloading

RCBS 90200 – Great Quality Hand Priming Tool

No. 1
RCBS 90200 – Great Quality Hand Priming Tool
9.7/10 Our Score

RCBS has, for a long time, maintained the record of being a leading US manufacturer of precision reloading equipment. This leaves us with no doubt it appearing on our list of best hand priming tools. It comes as a prototype of the RCBS 90201 hand priming tool. Its case has a hand priming tool designed to help save your precious time.

RCBS Hand Priming tool has a safety mechanism that helps in the separation of seating from primer source. This practically aids to exclude the likelihood of tray explosion. Interestingly, both the lesser and significant primers are incorporated to suit various uses. Its tray can perfectly hold up to a hundred primers and eliminates the interruption of the refilling tool.

Its ergonomic body design fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for a comfortable and portable primer seating. You will enjoy a durable performance as its plastic cover of the tray is designed from excellent quality material as well as its high-density steel handle provides additional strength and durability. Besides, it uses the RCBS shell holders and the plate to allow the primers to sit in the right way.

  • The patented safety gate helps to isolate the primers in the tray from the ones in the seat while preventing denotation from occurring
  • Fast and secured reloading process since it restricts primer sliding into the seat or tray detonation
  • Built to last thanks to the high quality plastic tray lid plus heavy-duty steel handle
  • It effortlessly takes the primer off in case you suddenly want to snug in some primers that were not seated perfectly
  • Needs RCBS brand shell holders only
  • The process may be complicating while switching the premier size.

RCBS 90201 – Universal Hand Priming Tool

No. 2
RCBS 90201 – Universal Hand Priming Tool
9.3/10 Our Score

This hand priming tool from RCBS comes next as one of the most re-known and best tools among many users on the market. Its versatile design allows you to use any calibre shell holder, making it incredibly convenient. It beautifully integrates all sorts from the initial RCBS’ priming devices into a single appropriate set. This fantastic priming tool is packed with an ergonomic body design, tray, as well as white and black shell holders.

Its white shell holder is compatible with small primers whereas the black shell holder is designed to suit the black primers. If you intend to save a significant amount of money, the RCBS Universal Hand Primer should be your thing. It is built to last longer thanks to the tray’s plastic lid made of high-quality material plus a heavy-duty handle.

With this handy priming tool, you can quickly and securely use it without worrying about multiple primers slipping into the seat or detonation of the tray. It uniquely has a different way of switching from big to small primers effortlessly. The RCBS Universal Hand Primer Tool fits primer cases ranging from .32 ACP up to .45-70.

  • It’s universally adaptable allowing you to use any type of shell
  • Requires no shell holders
  • Virtually eliminates the chances of tray detonation occurrence
  • The removable primer tray suits any primer packaging
  • Incredibly durable with its handle designed with heavy-duty steel
  • It has a less ergonomic design making it hard to use by new users
  • Relatively costly as compared to other products in the same category

LEE PRECISION 90700 – Auto Bench Priming Tool

No. 3
LEE PRECISION 90700 – Auto Bench Priming Tool
8.9/10 Our Score

Are you looking for the best bench mount hand primer? If yes, Lee Precision is designed for you. This is a kind of tool that is easy to prim a few shells as it requires little effort and no expertise. It comes as one of the most ergonomic tools, allowing easy use, whether for the left or right-hand priming action.

Its contented lever has an appropriate amount of machine-driven advantage to comfortably seat on most tough primers on a press of a figure. This tool comprises priming assemblies for large and small primers plus the primer size, or the shell holder can be changed easily in no time. Its tray has an in-built primer flicking feature to permit direct reloading from even larger boxes.

Mounting holes are well-spaced to fit Lee’s plate system that comes separately. Also, you can mount it straight onto the bench. This hand priming tool from Lee can comfortably seat thousands of primer brands with no fatigue thanks to the triangular tray. The best part is that it is entirely portable and a delightful tool to use.

  • The ergonomic body design allows easy and flexible to use while reloading
  • Plastic parts for easy following of the reloading process
  • Shell holders have not been included hence affordable Primes comfortably numerous shells
  • Designed with steel and polyester material for durability
  • Requires bench mounting to be used
  • Compatible with shell holders only from Lee

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series – Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool for Reloading

No. 4
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series – Perfect Seat Hand Primer Seating Tool for Reloading
8.5/10 Our Score

The Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer Tool is a fantastic tool that allows you to effortlessly seat primers from any place thanks to its portable design. The dial helps to set the seating depth to ensure the primer never sits deeper than what you desire. With the twelve shell holders, this hand priming tool will accommodate 652 different calibers, including the rifle or pistol brass.

It features a self-righting primer tray that holds 100 small or large primers comfortably for versatility. The high-density injection molded storage case allows for regular use. Plus, its case comprises three new posts that let you store custom or rare collects in the same place. This hand priming tool has easily detachable parts that help you to make your reloading task effortless.

The full length ergonomically designed handle grip allows easy usage and also makes it robust and durable. Additionally, it is built using high-density die-cast zinc materials with interior steel-made components for reliability. This hand priming tool has new innovative features that include an adjustable seating system that helps to prevent crushing the primers while in the case.

  • Versatile design allows it to work with primers of varied calibers
  • Highly portable and convenient to use from anywhere at any time
  • Full-length ergonomic design allows effortless to use
  • Built to last thanks heavy-duty die-cast zinc with internal steel parts
  • Functions with boxer primers only
  • Costly than most hand priming tools

Frankford 909283 Arsenal Platinum – Hand Deprimer Tool for Reloading

No. 5
Frankford 909283 Arsenal Platinum – Hand Deprimer Tool for Reloading
8.1/10 Our Score

Break out of the confines of the reloading room and take your depriming anywhere the business takes you using this new deprimer tool from Frankford Arsenal. The ergonomic hand-operated and portable design allows you to effortlessly and quickly deprime your brass from anywhere regardless of what time it is.

Its transparent collection tube catches old primers and ensures easy monitoring of the fullness level. An auto-eject case holder is included to allow easy removal of deprimed cases from both the rifle, pistol, and crimped brass, making it a versatile tool. This Hand Deprimer Tool is constructed from robust die-cast aluminium that makes it lighter for easy use as well as durability.

Plus, its full length ergonomically designed grip gives additional durability to this tool. The patented universal collect system in this deprimer tool allows for a safe and quick reloading process. Reloading of primer has never been this easy thanks to the easy to remove parts of this tool.

  • Versatile design allows smooth operation with the rifle, pistol or any other military crimped primers
  • Portable and convenient makes it easy to deprime from anywhere
  • Full-length ergonomic grip design ensures easy usage as well as durability
  • Spring-loaded handle that automatically returns the collect deprimer to the beginning position
  • Efficiently removable spent primer catch tube provides convenient collecting and emptying primers
  • Operational with only boxer primers

How to Make the Right Choice

Are you looking for the best hand priming tool, but you don’t know where to start because of the many confusing brands on the market? Worry no more because this buying guide will educate and help you understand the basic tricks you can use to make your selections.


The type of material used to construct a hand priming tool should be the first thing to look for. It determines how easy it will be to handle and use. Plus, it will tell you how long the tool will last, giving you the best performance. If you want a tool that can give you up to thousands priming, you should invest in those which are made of heavy-duty steel material. Your featured device should also be able to provide you with reliable performance while maintaining its quality.

Shell holder

A shell holder is yet another item you need to check out in a handle priming tool. You need to identify whether the type of shell holder that the priming tool will work with. Also, check the number of shell holders that come with your featured tool. If the brass is provided, determine if it will work with the shell holder.

Safety Benefits

As you push primers inside brass, safety use should be your priority. This tool imitates the operation of a gun, and it can explode in your hands, causing severe injuries. Empty brass can be less dangerous to use.  But if you are dealing with up to a hundred primes on a tray, you may consider having a hand priming tool with a separator system for safety use. 


Hand priming tools come with different prices depending on the quality of the material and manufacturer’s preferences. If your budget is limited, it is advisable to make comparisons between different brands with exceptional quality. Besides, you should understand that high prices do not always mean a high-quality product or the other way round. Therefore, choose the brand that suits your budget requirements.

Method of priming

Priming can be done in two ways, including hand priming and use of a bench primer that requires installation on a bench. While shopping for a priming tool, you should be aware of the pros and cons associated with the two methods. After that, you can choose the best way that will work best with you.


Can I use any shell holder on my hand priming tool?

Unfortunately, not all of the shell holders will fit in a hand priming tool. It depends on the brand of your hand priming tool. There are hand primers that operate perfectly with a particular brand of shell holder. Others can never be compatible.

How can I operate my hand priming tool?

Determine the type of primer tool you are using, whether big or small. Use your hand to hold the shell and swiftly wiggle it back and forth over the priming shaft to install the dents. An appropriate tray, whether for small or big primers, ensures they sit well for easy reloading.

Fit in the primers into the bottom of a brass. Press gently the handle of the priming tool to reload the brass primers. If you wish to switch the primer size, press the switch button. 

What benefits can I get by owning a hand priming tool?

A hand priming tool helps you to get a new primer into the bottom of brass in a much effortless and safer way, thus saving time during reloading. This priming tool facilitates re-using of initially used cartridges or brass.

What should I do to ensure none of the primers gets crushed?

It is a great idea to choose a primer precisely constructed to withstand any pressure that could result in crushing. Also, always press the priming tool’s handle gently to avoid putting much pressure on the primers, which may result in breaking.

Which one is the best between a bench and a hand priming tool?

Well, declaring the winner here is quite a hard task. But, it will depend on your preferences for factors like portability and durability. In this case, a hand priming tool will be the best option for individuals who wish to use their tools from anywhere they are. Bench priming tool is best for those looking for a device with more exceptional durability.


It takes an appropriate hand priming tool to get the reloading process conveniently and correctly done while saving your money and precious time. All the products listed boast excellent and efficient performance as well as exceptional standards. Besides, they are worth your money. Go ahead and select the best one from our list of the best hand priming tools above and let our buying guide help you if you face difficulties in making selections.

How to sight in a rifle scope

Shooting Tips

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope: 6 Step Hunting Guide For Beginners

Sighting is one of the key things for any kind of shooting game especially if you are involved with big animal hunting. To make an appropriate and clean shot, you have to sight in your rifle correctly.

Without gaining the sights, you can perform a perfect shot only when the pigs fly. To sight the rifle you have to go through some procedure.

I often get this question about how to sight in a rifle scope from many people, so I decided to answer this question through this blog.

The content will help you to get over it. So don’t waste the time anymore. Let’s talk about How to sight in a rifle scope.

Procedure of How to Sight in a Rifle Scope

At first, you need to stable your rifle at a suitable height. For that, all you need is a front rest, a rearrest, a proper eye protector, and proper ear protection. Many people prefer biped as front rest and I usually use a sandbag as a rearrest. But there are many ways to do that.

Now go through the procedure: How to Sight in a rifle scope.

Step 1: Mount your scope on your rifle properly. If you don’t know the proper way of mounting a scope, you can give a quick check out there- How to set up your rifle scope. After mounting the scope, recheck the rings. The scope rings should be mounted tightly.

Step 2: Now it’s time to work on the focus. You need to focus the reticle until the crosshairs will get to clear and sharp. There is a simple way of it. Point your scope towards the sky. Take away the eyes from the scope for a moment to a distant object. Then look back through the scope for a few seconds and let it continue for 2-3 times.

Was it perfectly in focus or a little blurry?

If it is blurry, you can adjust that by twisting the diopter adjustment on your scope. Continue the process until it gets clear properly.

Step 3: It’s wise to bore sight the rifle before the shoot. For that, unload the rifle if it’s loaded and then unobstructed the barrel. Next, remove the bolt and mount your rifle in a secure pointing downrange. Take your position behind the rifle; aim the target through the rifle.

Then, adjust the rifle scope and center the reticle on the target. But you have to do this without moving the rifle. The turrets will help you to adjust the windage and elevation.  You can use a laser boresight to do the job.

Step 4: If you can bore sight the rifle accurately, you will be ready to start the shoot. But there has another way you should consider- When you are sighting your rifle before going to hunting, use the same type of ammunition. Because some rifles are a little picky and they shot on different POI if you sight the rifle with the different ammunition.

I prefer a short-range to zero the rifle first and then go for the long distance. I usually zero my rifle at 25 yards. I have learned from my experience that it saves time, frustrations and ammunition in the long run by getting off taking the shots at 50 – 100 yards which even don’t hit the target.

Step 5: Now fire 3 shots at the target at 25 yards. It might not hit the bulls-eye but do not change the point of aim. It’s ok if you can’t hit the bulls-eye.

Fire the first group and check the strikes. Measure from the bulls-eye to the center of the group and adjust your rifle scope accordingly. Most of the rifle scopes have 1/4 MOA adjustment.

It means the bullet impact will move 1/4 inch for 1 click at 100 yards. According to that, you need to click 16 times at 25 yards to move the bullet impact.

The turret on the top of the scope will move the bullet impact up and down and another one (on the side) will move the bullet impact right and left. Most of the scopes have the measurement directive on the turret.

If you shot a group at 25 yards which hits 1-inch low and 4-inches to the right, that means you have to turn the upper turret at clockwise for 16 times and the side turret is for 64 times at anti-clockwise.

After making the adjustments fire another group. If it gets the aiming targets (bulls-eye) that means now you are ready to move your target at 100 yards or whatever particular range you want. If it doesn’t aim the bulls-eye, make necessary adjustments and get the zero.

Step 6: Now you have to apply the same techniques as for 100 yards. Shoot a group; measure the distance and make the necessary adjustments. But you have to remember about the turrets click. At 25 yards range, for every 16 clicks, you will get 1-inch movement, but here, 4 click= 1 inch. If you zeroed at 200 yards, you will get 1-inch movement for every 2 clicks with a 1/4 MOA scope.

However, when you are zeroing your rifle, the windage should be dead on. Remember, sights your rifle so it strikes a little higher at 100 yards. It has an advantage. If you want to shot out to 200 yards, you can make it without any adjustments.

After you have made the final adjustment, shoot another group to confirm it. If the group hits properly, Congratulations, you are done. If it doesn’t work, repeat the process. Hopefully, you will get that.

To learn how to sight in a rifle scope is not a one time thing, you need to practice it on a regular basis to get it right.


I hope, now you understand How to sight in a rifle scope. It is not a tough job. If you can make some calculative move, you can sight your rifle like a master. So, before going on hunting, sight your rifle scope by yourself. Best of luck.

How to Adjust Long Range Scope On Rifle

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How to Adjust Long Range Scope On Rifle! – [Expert Guide]

A scope is a precious tool to get precision. But it’s not a big thing to own one but to learn how to use it properly. You might do well with set up by following the user manual. If you did so, congrats!

Now move on to the next section and learn about adjusting it. If you have no clue about parallax, elevation or windage adjustments then don’t expect yourself to use it properly.

Parallax? What the heck is that? I was asking the same thing as soon as I first began looking to promote from iron sight to a decent rifle scope. This guide should provide you with some vision on how to adjust long range scope.

So that you can get the finest focus out of your rifle scope. Or any other adjustable parallax scope for that matter.

Basic Adjustments

There are some basic adjustments you need to know. This will be the first step for learning how to adjust long range scope. You need to understand how to do bore sight adjusting of a shotgun or a rifle prior to mounting it correctly. By bore sight I mean as soon as you are using the tub of the rifle and the scope to emphasize the loser object.

You need to change your viewpoint from the 2 sight lines. This will lead to adjusting the scope conferring to the viewpoint. Be certain that the rifle does not shift during this. Otherwise, there would be a wrong line up.

After this procedure, you need to fire some rounds. See and check if the boresight lines with the scope. Next, you give one more tight shot that will decide how perfect your sights are. Get a screwdriver to do the whole process.

Focus Knob Adjustments

All the best long-range scope under 500 dollars have a decent focusing ability. Focus adjustments are super easy. You need to be easy while functioning the focus knob. To make rapid changes in the hunting field in quickness you need to be relaxed with the scope.

There are numerous latest scopes that aid to alter the speed of the focus by itself. However, you still need to change them depending on your needs. You have to get them to work fast so, that you are capable to shot at a more perfect level.

You would have to learn about how to fix the cross wire of the scope. These basically helps to make your shots more precious. There are numerous latest scopes that help you to guess the winding course and the bullet drops. Also, there are a few that gives with illuminated laser lighting that helps to get a clear vision.

Parallax Adjustments

Have you ever seen through a greater power scope? You would notice that if you shift your eye off middle to the side of the exit pupil, the crosshair seems to shift across the aim. Well, that movement occurs once the parallax setting is not correctly adjusted for that gap. A few have wrong the parallax changing as a focus or sometimes a range finder, but it is not any of these.

You would need to set up properly your rifle so it is firmly posturing on a bench. An aiming rest with a vise should be best. Dial in the recommended setting you see on the parallax adjustment knob. Do this for the range that you’re aiming from.

Next, look through the scope as well as move your eye rear and front, left and right. This will help you can notice if the crosshairs appear like they are shifting across the aim. Test with the alteration ring until you have reduced the impression that your reticle is moving.

As soon as you wonder you’ve got it flawless, take a tiny white-out fluid paper. Next, make a sign on the parallax adjustment ring so you’ll know where to adjust it later. Some people paint their mark or score it into the metal, modification to begin with. I like something that’s not so long-lasting until I’m totally certain about the location.

After that, go ahead and take 3 to 6 shots. This will help you to see how your alignment has improved. Great! Don’t finish there, shift your target fifty yards back and do the process once again. You may as well get the flawless settings for all the scopes that you usually shoot from in fifty-yard growths.

Windage and Elevation Adjustments

You need to modify the configuration wheels for alignment on your scope to get a more fine-tuned modification on your scope. There is a handle in maximum rifle scopes that regulate the horizontal arrangements of the scope.

The other handles will alter the alignments on the perpendicular even of the scope. The tick on the handle is contingent upon the scope. A tick of the knob is familiar by a quarter or half of an inch.

To start with, fix an object at a few fifty yards before the rifle. Zero the height turret and aim. Then alternate the handle one complete time and aim again.

Reiterate the course a few times until you get the higher adjustment boundary. The quirk of the checking is to see if every revolving stands for equal MOA distances and make sure the solidity of the flat windage adjustment.

What you must be capable to see latterly of the test is an upright vertical dot line with like distance spaces between the shacks.


These are the simple adjustments you need to know about. There is one more thing you need to be aware of. You might need screwdrivers for adjustments. So buying different types of screws for all scopes will be a smart move. I

If you use the erroneous screw drive then that would damage the top of the screw. Hope you get the article useful for how to adjust long range scope properly. Good luck!