Servicing and maintaining a gun’s bore requires a great cleaning rod. Usually, cleaning kits come with different tools. Amongst them, a gun cleaning rod should comes as an essential component. With the flaws most multi-piece gun cleaning rods have, most gun users have been pulling away from them.

As a result, single-piece rods have increased in popularity to cater for the disappointment of the latter rods.

Does your current rod give you no joy while cleaning your gun? If the answer is yes, you need to get a new one. Or do you intend to find the best gun cleaning rod, but, you don’t know how to pick the best with the plenty rods on the market?  

Top 7 Best Gun Cleaning Rod

Well, take a glance at our list of 7 best gun cleaning rods in 2021 created after careful and in-depth research to find one that will meet your cleaning and servicing demands. The buying guide towards the end will help you to pin-point and select the best piece. Here is the quick list of Cleaning rods and Kits available on Amazon.

Cleaning Rods

  • Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
  • Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
  • Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
  • Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod
  • Hoppe’s No. 9 – Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle

Cleaning Kits

  • Tipton – Universal Bore Guide
  • Pro Shot .22-.45 Caliber – Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit

Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths

No. 1

This deluxe one-piece gun cleaning rod from Tipton designed to clean and service rifles and shotguns even in demanding situations. Its robust carbon fiber construction makes it a unique choice for lots of gun users. Its ergonomically designed handle swivels on two arrays of ball bearings causing it to follow the rifling smoothly for excellent control when cleaning.

Its shank-through construction lets the hammer blow towards the end of the rod to acquire a close-fitting patch through your bore. With the carbon fiber shaft, harmful particles will not get embedded to cause damage to your gun’s bore. This makes it sound equipment for cleaning any type of firearm.

Integrating excellent properties of both the coated cleaning and stainless steel, this one-piece rod is built to last. This stands as one of the best gun cleaning rods available in six different lengths as well as four-dia. to provide a wide range for selecting the rod that can perform exceptionally and also fit in the cleaning kit.

Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod with 27 to 45 Caliber and 8 x 32 Female Thread, 26-Inch, 1-Piece
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  • High quality and reliable construction offer incredible durability.
  • Multiple caliber sizes and lengths make it reliable
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Comfortable handle grip enhances control


  • Some users find its sizing incorrect

Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle

No. 2

Dewey manufacturers have, for a long time, provided best firearm cleaning products. Being based in the USA, its product’s construction encompasses high-quality material, making them ideal for shooters around the globe. That is why the Dewey one-piece cleaning rod appears on our list of best gun cleaning rods.

This 22 to 26-inch caliber nylon coated rod has an extraordinary length of up to 30-inches. The end features 8 by 32 threads that permits you to screw on various brush adaptors, brass jag, and bore cleaning equipment. Usually, each rod comes with a hard plastic ball bearing handle that lets it rotate while rifling on any firearm barrel.

 Dewey one-piece cleaning rod stands as a high-quality cleaning tool with sturdy construction sure to last you longer than you may think. Its best designed for most handguns and requires no expertise to use.

Dewey Rods Nylon Coated Rod Bore Saver
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  • Nylon coating and sturdy construction makes it ultimately durable
  • High-quality design with excellent performance
  • Ergonomic handle ensures perfect control
  • Suitable for longer firearms


  • Does not come with a plastic storage tube
  • The male tip lacks a protective cap for the filler tip

Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread

No. 3

The Hope’s Elite Cleaning rod has earned a great reputation on the market with an excellent cleaning and servicing performance. With top ratings and reviews made by its users, you rest assured 100% satisfaction from both the super art of cleaning and customer service. This equipment is well-designed to make gun cleaning more manageable than before.

Coming as a one-piece gun cleaning rod, it is exceptionally sturdy, regards to its carbon fiber construction. As a result, it will pass the test of time and any form of bending or breaking regardless of rigorous cleaning seasons. It is a 36-inch long rod with 8 by 32 threads providing you with the capability of nearly all cleaning tool attachment.

Besides, Hoppe’s Elite 1-Piece Rod features the best design to friendly clean all 22 caliber handguns and rifles. This makes it a super cool and versatile rod for gun cleaning. It has a soft and easy-to-hold handle, allowing you to use it comfortably. Plus, a ball-bearing swivel tends to be ultra-gentle on you barrel but hard on stubborn entangling.

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  • Upgraded quality rod to allow for better cleaning
  • The ergonomic handle is soft and comfortable to use and control
  • Robust carbon fiber construction makes it ultimately durable
  • Best value for your money with great satisfaction



Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

No. 4

Allen 30-inch Brass cleaning rod is a fantastic three-piece and best gun cleaning rod in our reviews. You will find it incredibly stylish and unique. Unlike other three-pieces rods with poor quality designs that cause them to break or bend even with the slightest pressure, this is quite the opposite. Its brass construction makes it reliable to withstand long periods of rigorous cleaning.

Its super soft coating guarantees you very minimal damage to the inner parts of your barrel in case you lose concentration. Additionally, the finish adds décor to it, thus giving an attractive look. The durable plastic handle is soft to touch and allows easy control for excellent cleaning of your rifle.

With a 30-inch length and 8 by 32 threads, Allen Brass Rifle cleaning rod will be the perfect fit for use on 30 caliber rifles. Besides, it suits the majority of standard cleaning brushes on the market. This three-piece rod is a must-have for your rifle cleaning kit.

Allen 30″ – Brass Rifle Cleaning Rod

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  • Strong and durable sure to last longer
  • Cleans your riffle perfectly without a fuss
  • Long enough to suit all standard 30 caliber rifles
  • Exceptional quality sure to give you high performance


  • It may bend when intense pressure is applied

Hoppe’s No. 9 – Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle

No. 5

This brand new and best gun cleaning rod is highly attracting gun users and building its reputation for being one of the best aluminium made gun cleaning rod around the globe. It’s a three-piece set with unique design and quality than most of the rods in this line. Therefore, you can conveniently keep it securely in your rifle cleaning kit.

It comes with a ball bearing rotatory handle to follow the bore’s rifling. Additionally, this unit has a knob and slotted ends as well. This makes it easier than ever to have a perfect grip and control, allowing you to have ample time for cleaning your gun. Its design makes it to work exceptionally well without causing any damage to your barrel.

You will like how secure and reliable this set is thanks to the solid aluminium construction. This implies that there will be no more worries about your rod bending or breaking regardless of how rigorous the cleaning is. It has a lightweight and engineered best to work with all 22 to 30 caliber rifles hence universal.

Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Cleaning Aluminum Rod, Universal Rifle
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  • Universal three-piece set as it fits 22 to 30 caliber rifles
  • Engineered to last thanks to the aluminium construction
  • Compact design for convenient storage
  • Easy and safer to use while cleaning your barrel


  • Relatively expensive than steel made rods

Tipton – Universal Bore Guide

No. 6

Tipton Universal comes next as one of the best gun cleaning rods on the market with remarkable performance. It is developed to secure both the bore and performance of your firearm by correctly aligning the rod to ensure easy cleaning. The solvent leakage into the gun’s action is reduced significantly with the help of the integrated solvent port.

A detailed bore cleaning guide included ensures bowing, rubbing, or gouging of the chamber does not happen, which can cause severe damage to your firearm. Its anodized aluminium tube makes it incredibly strong to resist bending or breaking hence lasts longer.

It is the best rod that can fit on most bolt action rifles, including other firearm styles. You can easily safeguard the bore guide by locking it into the bolt catch slot on the stock to allow hassle-free solvent addition as well as cleaning. Aligning the rod entirely prevents both your barrel from damage and directs the force provided on the handle.

Tipton Universal Bore Guide with 3 Muzzle Guides for Firearm Cleaning
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Pro Shot .22-.45 Caliber – Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit

No. 7

If you have been looking for the best gun cleaning rod made from stainless steel metal, our reviews happily provide Pro Shot Universal cleaning rod to you. Its quality is extraordinary with exceptional cleaning performance. Its a unique cleaning option will prevent your barrel jamming inside the bore continuously.

Unlike carbon fiber made rods, this stainless steel one-piece rod is micro-polished to allow it to slip and twist inside the barrel more easily swiftly. This provides a broad cleaning surface area. As a result, Pro Shot Universal cleaning rod best engineered to use on a bore guide as it doesn’t scratch the inner sides of your barrel.

This coated and robust stainless steel gun cleaning rod can last you many seasons of rigorous cleaning without breaking or bending. Not forgetting that its stationary yet ergonomically designed handle gives you the comfort and control you need while using it. Its brass patch holder suits 22 to 45 caliber pistols hence universal.

Pro Shot Products U-Pistol .22-.45 Caliber Universal Pistol, Gold
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  • Effortless to use thanks to the micro-polishing
  • Built to last long hence cost-effective
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Small and convenient to store in your cleaning kit


  • The screw of the rod may loosen and fall off

Things to consider when selecting a Gun Cleaning Rod

A gun cleaning rod is a must-have tool for any gun owner. It not only helps you to clean but also service the barrel of your gun. The demand for these products has significantly risen, leading to all sorts of rods on the market. As a result, finding the best tool for the job is quite a hard rock to crack. Luckily, this buying guide will teach you of the essential things you need to be when check while making selections.


The material quality of a cleaning rod determines its pricing and durability. Most rods are made from materials like carbon fiber, aluminium, brass, steel and plastic materials. The higher the quality of the materials used to create a rod, the higher the price and the longer it will last. Aluminium, brass and steel rods are the strongest hence lasts longer. Choose good gun cleaning rod that can be much reliable and convenient to use without compromising its performance.


It will be ambiguous to choose a gun cleaning rod that is too small or too large for your barrel. Instead, you need to check the sizing and length of your firearm’s barrel and select one that will perfectly fit. This will help to securely and comfortably clean your gun.

Rod piece

Most gun cleaning rods come as single-pieces and multiple-pieces. Their functioning, however, varies considerably. Many three-piece rods come as part of cleaning kits whereas the one-piece rods are sold individually and made to cater for the inconveniencies of the latter rods. Depending on your preferences, choose the perfect gun cleaning rod piece that will offer you the best cleaning experience.

Usage benefits

It is imperative to select a good gun cleaning rod that will give you an easy time to clean. This depends on the design, coating and ergonomic handle grip of the rod. Well-polished and much-designed handle will provide you with ultimate control and swift to clean your gun’s bore.

Our Top Pick

Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod with 27 to 45 Caliber and 8 x 32 Female Thread, 26-Inch, 1-Piece Dewey Rods Nylon Coated Rod Bore Saver Hoppe's Elite One Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod (.22 Caliber Pistol), 8
Tipton Deluxe – Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths
Brand: Tipton Deluxe
Dewey Cleaning Rod – Ball bearing handle
Brand: Dewey Cleaning Rod
Hoppe’s Elite – Cleaning Rod Carbon Fiber 8 x 32 Thread
Brand: Hoppe’s Elite

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a gun cleaning rod?

A good gun cleaning rod is meant for individuals who possess a firearm. Whether it’s for individual love hunting, self-protection, police officers, in shooting sports or by military soldiers.

Why should you have a gun cleaning rod?

This is an essential cleaning tool in any cleaning kit. It not only helps to clean and remove particles inside the bore of your gun’s barrel but also facilitates maintenance and servicing. As a result, you will get the bullet to get expelled smoothly and swiftly with ease during a shooting.

Can a cleaning rod cause damage to my barrel?

Well, it depends on the hardness and design of the rod. A rough rod can severely damage your gun’s bore as compared to when using a soft and micro-polished rod. Also, an oversized rod can destroy the barrel when forced into the gun’s bore—the accuracy and force you use to clean the gun matters a lot.

Which one is the best between a one-piece and multi-piece cleaning rod?

According to most customer’s reviews, one-piece cleaning rods seem to be the best when it comes to strength, excellent quality, durability as well as cleaning performance. However, most multi-piece rods are characterized by poor quality design with unreliable performance. But, you can still find the best three-piece rods from the reviews above if that’s what you like.


If you want to give your gun’s bore and barrel a deep clean, you must have a good quality gun cleaning rod. Also, ultimate precision when cleaning up your firearm is required even if you have the best rod, or else, it will get damaged. Other factors like durability, ease of cleaning, rod size among others should form the basis of your selection. With the above 7 best gun cleaning rods, we guarantee you the exceptional quality products with remarkable performance and satisfaction as well.

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