Best Air Rifle Scope For Hunting – [Top 6]

You have got the best range air rifle, exactly the right bullets to fill the slot. You’re set to head out into the fields as well as woods. Think again. Are you?

Well, all that time and labor need one final thing to confirm an accurate shot. It’s time to hunt for the best air rifle scope to make sure you head in the right direction.

There are several choices, but you have to make sure you have an air rifle scope that would give you the value you earn along with the exactness you are after. I have included the top six air rifle scopes I found perfect for hunting seasons.

Before we jump into judging the best-rated scopes let’s know exactly what the term means. Any true sportsman knows that he must have a quality rifle scope to improve his hunting experience. Air rifle scopes are mainly for air rifles since it can handle the vibration and double recoil easily.

These are very common in military applications, and occasionally for trap shooting. Also, these are obtainable for crossbows, shotguns, and handguns along with for rifles. Air rifle scopes are available for a variety of people counting golfers, hunters, and for bird watching.

The elementary purpose of a scope is to let the user see vibrant and further than he would with the bare eye. The scope expands the target and its surrounds. Even lower quality rifles are significantly better by good scopes.

6 Best Air Rifle Scopes

Before making an air rifle scope purchase, you need to look into the two flanks of the coin. What features does it offer to you? How much is the cost? Is it compatible with the air gun you own? Will it serve for a long time or just break after a few uses? How much magnification does it provide?

There’s a lot to check. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be the most costly rifle optics to be the Best Air Rifle Scope that matters, but the one that would make a first-class fit to your style and standard of living.

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope – The Definition of Top Notch?

No. 1

BSA is the brand that will always stay as one of the best brands whenever the topic is about a decent air rifle scope. The BSA 3-9X40 is also the same, and it meets people’s expectation by providing optimum accuracy and clear images.

The turret system is quick-change supported that makes the usability very advanced and easy. The parallax adjustments are on the side, and also there is multi-grain turret available. The scope is proudly fog, shock and most importantly waterproof. And so it is very well capable of surviving in rough situations or climates.

The lens is 40 mm which gives you very decent coverage to shoot and hunt your prey. Also, the camera quality glass makes sure you enjoy a clear image and shooting accuracy. It offers three to nine times magnification making it one of the most suitable rifle scopes to use for both short and long-distance shootings.

The parallax adjustments are on the knob making it easy to modify when the user needs to. There is also a lifetime warranty that comes along to get you fully secured. With a sunshade, lens cap, and lightweight handling, this model from BSA makes a prominent presence on the list.

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope with Side Parallax Adjustment and Multi-Grain Turret, Black Matte
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  • Suitable for any weather.
  • Very lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Metal caps available.
  • Adjustments are useful.
  • Reasonable.


  • The crosshair is thick.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope – Up To 500 Yards Covered!

No. 2

UTG BugBuster is another bullet shot from the brand that has gained quite an attention for its efficiency on the field. You can make it switch from red to green when the illumination comes in. Also, theirs is an option to set 21 mm rail. This air rifle gun is planned for the Airsoft assault rifles mainly.

The scope enables maximum lighting transmission with its emerald coating. Also includes a one-inch tube for the purpose. The zero is lockable to give the premium service and also the turrets that come along are resettable. Per click adjustments rates are ¼ MOA which is great for wood situations.

The scope is built to provide accurate shooting, thanks to the mil-dot reticle enhancement. Also, the objective lens is adjustable to be used from three yards to infinity capacity. The eye relief is very accommodating and perfect to suit anyone’s shooting style.

It comes with two inches sunshade, releasable rings and a lens cap that is the flip-open type. The scope can fight rain, fog, and shock with nitrogen filled space.

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope
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UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope
Buy Now On Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • A durable scope that is well built to be used roughly.
  • The QD rings work solid.
  • Can tolerate spring power rifles.
  • Clear optics and better image.
  • Very affordable for any hunter.
  • Objectives are adjustable.
  • User-friendly magnification.


  • You have to lean for a proper eye relief sometimes.

Hawke Sports Optics Sidewinder 6.5-20X 30MM Riflescope – The Zooming Guru!

No. 3

The Hawke Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20X42 is a mixed bag that offers lots of features to pay for. It is huge and a bit hefty. But the 42 mm objective will mostly provide vivid pictures that are clear. The magnification is 6.5x to 20x which is very convenient for long-range shooting.

The durability standards are up to the mark according to most users and also the accuracy provides well for the money. You would be able to use the scope in any light situations comfortably. Adjustments and fittings are quite easy and user-friendly.

The flexibility to perform in woods outstands most other scopes in a similar price range which I found amazing. The diameter that the object provides is well compatible with the low mounting position.

The lens is completely coated, and so there’s no chance of blurry image at all. Most of the time the picture quality feels very close and natural and so the hunter easily targets and shoots the prey. The five-level of brightness is a pro to handle tiny creatures as well.

The green or red illuminating dot makes targeting simple and hassle-free most of the time. On the other hand, the reticle is a mil-dot full floated that always makes room for correct calculations.

Hawke Sport Optics Sidewinder 6.5-20X 30MM 1/2 MIL DOT IR Riflescope
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  • Thin and nice reticle.
  • Illuminating enough.
  • Nice turrets to adjust.
  • Proper lens coating available.


  • Heavy.

UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope – Clear and Sharp Reflection!

No. 4

The next airgun scope from UTG is meant to keep your targets clear and in vision with the most accurate shooting. The 4-16X44 30mm scope is a good deal to crack for short and long shooting. The black finish gives a very sleek look to your gun.

The turret system that is included is quick changeable. The side wheel is also adjustable with a parallax of 10 yards. This is because the better adjustment will give you better accuracy. Also, the target and varmint shooters will find comfort with this particular scope model.

The one-inch tube also comes with parallax, and there’s adjustable objective available too. The MOA is ¼ which is perfect to have a single click and move the bullet quarter inch at a hundred-yard field.

The quality of the camera glass is optimum since it provides a completely undistorted image. And so you can be sure to have a lively picture of your prey to make that perfect fire. The scope also fights water, shock, and fog efficiently making it super suitable for tough hunting situations.

UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, w/ Rings , Black
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  • Emerald coating on the lens with maximum light transmission.
  • 4x to 16x zooming available.
  • Zero lockable and resettable.
  • Accommodates any weather or light condition and rapid access to colors
  • Comes with sunshade, rings and lens cap.


  • A quite heavy scope.

Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO – A Novice’s Choice!

No. 5

Daisy is a well-known name for recent airgun scopes, and Winchester is just another model that provides mostly basics of accuracy. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the money. If you are a beginner hunter, then this scope will suit your basic requirements, and you will be more comfortable with the usage.

The objective lenses that come within are capable of adjustments. And so the image quality is enhanced and clear most of the time. The windage and elevation are also quite handy, and they are too variable. The reticle is a cross-hair type, and most people love this conventional type because it is simple in use.

Also, the scope is a pro to deal tough weather or situations when you are hunting in the woods. It can fight water, shock and also fog. So a very good choice of scope to have when your main concern is basic accuracy but better security.

The brand also ensures that their accuracy is simply unmatchable and looking through the customers’ opinion, it’s true. Most of the buyers are very pleased with this budget-friendly simple and sleek scope.

Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO Winchester Scope (Black, 4 x 32)
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  • Fights weather elements.
  • Good for accurate targeting.
  • Adjustable objective and windage.
  • Bright and clear image.


  • A scope stop is absent in the ring.

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope – The Thirty-Six Color Reticle Beast!

No. 6

If you want to have a decent air rifle scope that will help you too, hit the things you want but doesn’t cost your whole saving, then UTG has got something for you. The 3-12X44 30mm compact scope is good at targeting your prey and help you make an accurate shot.

The reticle that comes along is SWAT and mil-dot with a complete 36-color EZ reticle. You can change color by just tapping one button. Also, the scope is sealed and filled with nitrogen making it good to combat tough situations. The scope is rain-proof, fog-proof, and also shock-proof.

The lens has emerald coatings, and also there’s a cap for it. You get a sunshade angled in front for better sightseeing. The scope also ensures better lighting by using housing design and a particular circuit. The look and feel are optimum for any type of air gun shooting.

The zero locking and resetting need minimum effort thanks to the accurate adjustments feasible with the scope. Also, the target turret comes with perfect consistency. A lifetime warranty will keep you secure for most parts.

Budget Pick
UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Budget Pick
UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings , Black
Check Price On Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


  • Excellent accuracy rate for any shooting needs.
  • Easy to carry and store anywhere.
  • Zero resetting is perfect and faultless.
  • Great reticle and lens coating for a vibrant picture.
  • Combats tough situations pretty well.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with a lens cap for better preservation of lens.


  • The reticle is a bit thick but still manageable.

Best Air Rifle Scope Buying Guide

As soon as you make your mind to get a scope you also need to consider you know all the important factors of buying an air rifle scope. There are some factors you would want to consider before getting the perfect tool for accuracy. Here’s everything you need to know.


One thing to reflect when buying an air rifle scope is what you are going to be using it for. Are you going to have it for an air pellet gun to hunt minor game? Maybe you only want it for shooting targets.

In either mode, you need to make sure you buy a scope that will make you more precise than ever before and give you the sureness you deserve once you are out shooting small game or targets. Make sure your scope contains the features you want counting a power-selection ring, and sun shield to decrease glare.

Types Available

There are two types to look through. The first type, an Angled spotting scopes have a sloping eyepiece. An angled scope is superior for viewing objects in tree lines or animals that are interring. This is because of the knack to easily pan up and down. An extra benefit is that you can use a smaller tripod, giving you less to convey when in the field.

The other one is a Straight Scope that is the usual pick for those of us buying our first one. Although not advised because of firmness reasons, a straight spotting scope can be used lacking a tripod while standing up. It is informal to aim as you can shift it left and right freely. With the assistance of a tripod, animals on the field are much easier to view. A straight scope can arrange all these assistance with less neck strain.

The Design

First, nevertheless, those designs are the causes of an air rifle scope that assist you to hit the aim more often. And so they are essential for those who require the utmost accuracy in their shooting. Before you elect to purchase a riflescope, you must first be definite of its use. A scope used for static target firing up to eight-hundred yards will bid different design features to one planned for shooting moving targets when hunting.


Ask yourself, what magnification is needed? Magnification would be obvious by the normal distance of shots placed. For those who use the scope for muzzleloaders or shotguns, huge magnification above 7 to 9X is seldom practical.

Maximum shots are at a rather close range, making 3 to 4X most secure. Bigger magnification bounds the field of view. Varmint hunting regularly requires high magnification to make correct shots at long-range. Numerous competition shooters enjoy the welfares of extreme magnification for placing correct and award-winning rounds.

Maximum hunting in our Midwest part is done in tight quarters, regulating the use of extreme magnification scopes. Dense underbrush or hills make for bullets that don’t exceed Two-hundred to Three-hundred yards, for which the regular 3 to the 9X scope would be sufficient. The old “gold normal” for rifle scope exaggeration, at least for deer shooting, was 3x to 9x.

These days, though, it is becoming more usual for hunters to be using 6x-18x magnification, now and then higher – and the higher the level of rifle scope intensification, the slighter the field of view. With 6x as the bottom magnification rate, it’s virtually unbearable to lock onto a moving aim at thirty yards. At 6x power, a deer is going to be seen six times larger than it would to the bare eye.

Now, while it is obvious that in woody situations, linking shorter distances, a high powered scope isn’t always perfect. A higher exaggeration is not always essential or even beneficial. There is such an entity as overkill. It takes great attention to not only pick the correct scope for the rifle itself but to also pick the appropriate scope for the mission it will be used for.

Over magnification can decay a good shot and, at near range make it difficult to get your target. It is vital to know not only how high it can enlarge and gather light, but also how low it can go. A nearby shot will not need great magnification and will probably be made with the similar rifle as a further one. Firing from the hip won’t create the result as using the exact riflescopes will.

Also, it doesn’t mean these scopes don’t have a dwelling. High powered rifle scopes are perfect for open shooting surroundings that are mainly free of obstructions where bulls are at three-hundred yards or more. A lot of the importance goes into checking if the optimal scope is personal preference, but shooting location is evenly important, if not more so.

Mirage & Vibration

These features discussed here can be pondered individually, it should also be known that each is hollow without the other, just as an F1 mechanism will be no good with the tires to grip the car on the road. Numerous believe that the better the magnification of a riflescope then the more correct it will be. Though this is correct to a certain extent, there are limits, and you have issues such as mirage, vibration. These can decrease the correctness of your shot.

  1. Mirage: If you are firing from say, one thousand yards, you must generally find a ten times magnification good enough for a correct shot. Nevertheless, up to sixteen times might seem to offer greater accuracy with its greater intensification. This may sometimes be right, but if there is an alteration in temperature among the ground and the air, then heat will form.

These will be exaggerated by anything around or over twelve times, and the image will be grotesque by a glistening mirage of heat waves. Occasionally it is better to decrease the magnification, and this is one dispute in favor of adaptable power.

  1. Vibration: The complex the magnification of your air rifle scope, the more consequence vibration will have and the bigger the need for a post for your rifle. This is not always feasible, so again, an inferior magnification can offer bigger accuracy.


What you have to get the scope to the rifle are mounts. This must not be tricky but to save time, bother and cost in returning improper mounts to the seller it’s good to get it correct one at the first time. There are two things you have to know:

1) What mounts are suitable for your scope regarding (a) altitude and (b) ring span.

2) What kind of air rifles scope receiver grooves you own.

In many circumstances, you may find the scope, and mount sets sold together. In these situations, you can be certain that they will be appropriate for the scope, but you still have to be sure that they will be perfect for your rifle afore you go ahead. If not then you’ll have to ask the dealer if they can exchange for another type.

Scope mounts come in three leading heights. By height, I am trying to say how high they will raise the scope of the rifle. There are three main heights:

  1.  Low one for scopes with up to thirty-two mm lenses.
  2.  Medium one for scopes with up to forty-two mm lenses
  3.  High one for scopes with forty to fifty-six mm lenses

There are also such factors as ultra-high, but you’re dubious to need those if not you have a particular requirement. The size of lens rule is a decent general guide but also get your rifle into deliberation. If it has said a bolt action, then it’s finest to go for a high mount even with a lighter lens scope.


Certain circumstances dictate the level of excellence in optics and coating. Shots that are in low light situations need a lens that will convey in as much light as achievable. Any time light goes from side to side of a lens; light communication is reduced, so the bigger the lens, the more vacant light.


A lens coating that shrinks reflected light and in its place allows it to go in the scope is good. Higher exaggeration scopes have more lenses and convey less light. Zoom scopes have better lenses and convey even less light. A high-quality scope will surpass at least ninety percent light transmission.

A high magnification scope would be more costly than some but have potentials that will keep it from failing at the nastiest moment. There are numerous levels of coating. The best air rifle scopes for night shooting have extra special coatings to be more vibrant in dark case. The coatings can be,

  1.  Coated: one coating on at least one lens shallow.
  2.  Fully Coated: one coating on all air to glass sides.
  3.  Multi-Coated: over one layer on a least one lens shallow.
  4.  Fully Multi-Coated: numerous layers on all air to glass shallow.

Though one pays more for correctly coated quality optics, the benefits are superficial if shooting in low light conditions.


One more consideration is the reticle and how its adjustments are. For scopes that are to be on zero and left alone, many modification turrets have a coin slot. As the scopes are from more adaptable for wind, bullet weight, series, etc., these alterations may have to be depending in the field. Finger modifiable turrets become quite good at that point.

The pick of reticle configuration is typically personal choice, but the sturdiness isn’t negotiable. To be sure of repeatable alterations it is worth rewarding for a quality scope from a decent manufacturer. A lot of cheap scopes have poor reticle attachments. The crushing recoil of today’s weighty rifles or muzzleloaders would, after a few shots, modify the adjustment or break at the nastiest moment. Such as when firing at the trophy buck of an era.

Reticles might also take in dots and other formations to provide various functions. These help to align the weapon to the target. Though if you are using the rifle to fire smaller targets, the dot in the middle of the scope might be too big and hide the goal.

Certain manufacturers also make laser dot scope that displays the hunter where his shot will hit when the rifle is fired. There are low light scopes obtainable for rifles as well. Daisy makes an outstanding all-purpose air rifle scope. Then there is UTG that has a lens that is water repellent.

There are four families of reticles, and greatest reticles will be of that family or a mixture of one or more of the four families. The folks are crosshair, duplex, milling, besides illuminated reticles.

Crosshair: The crosshair reticle is the maximum common of four reticles. It is two lines crossing at the middle point of your vision. This is a humble design and easy to use and has mounted through the test of time as it lasts to be the most prevalent reticle type. An illuminated red dot might be added to the crosshair reticle. This can be beneficial in hunting minor varmints in low light. A consistent crosshair is enough when hunting big-game in standard conditions when pin-point correctness is not necessary.

Duplex: One more prevalent rifle scope reticle is the duplex. Numerous manufacturers use dissimilar names for this reticule. This reticle has dense lines guiding your eye toward the middle point. This helps our quest when during low light situations as it can be tougher to see the target bulls on a crosshair during dusk beside dawn. The game is most active throughout dusk and dawn. And this is why the duplex reticle is a prevalent choice between hunters.

Mil-Dot: Milling Reticles are great to be rangefinders inside a rifle scope. It is complete up of a duplex crosshair besides small dots on the vertical line at mill radian meetings in the field of view. To find out how distant an object is, you should know the height of the item and then use this formula:

(Scope of the target (m) / amount of mil of dots) x 1000 = distance

Regular male height is six feet(1.8m), if a hunter sees a man as four mill dots big on his field of view, the man is four-hundred-fifty meters away – 1.8/4 x 1000 = 450. Denote to your user guide to see what intensification your variable scope uses when milling.

Illuminated: Illuminated reticles let shooters to put a lit crosshair on the target. There is red, yellow, blue, green lighting; red is the most prevalent because it least obstructs vision and is used in some best scope for field target shooting. Through technical signs of progress, illuminated reticles are becoming more general and practical.

Older and inexpensive versions of illuminated reticles are either too blurry but in the poorest case, too vivid. A properly formed illuminated reticle will have lenses with darkened edges and manifold coatings to make sure the illumination is high enough to see a target correctly but low plenty to not glare.

Be watchful of your local gaming laws. Electronic devices are illicit for big-game hunting in several states, even if the lighting is off. Also, keep in mind that the legal light for maximum big game hunting is thirty minutes before sunrise and thirty minutes after sunset.

Image Quality

The afterward most essential factor is the image quality. A shabby and hazy image upon high magnification will not help you to get a strong shot. It is fundamental that the optic should expose as much light as possible. Extra light gives more clarity and superior resolution. This all helps in a superior shot. The light meeting is related to the scope of the lens objective.

The bigger, the better. Usually, a lens over fifty mm objective is getting prevalent these days for their higher light gathering ability. Emphasis on the lens quality that is important for a clear image. See for any bend around the edges. Quality optics brag of a coated lens that trims down light reflection causing glare and creates crisp images of well quality.

Adjustment Competence

Another big factor is alteration capability. Good scopes let nil or minimal reticle activities. Reference point must remain constant for dissimilar shots. See if there is any parallax fault in the scope. You will know it when a minor change in eye position alters the aim. Maximum rifle scopes available in the market will not display signs of parallax error within a hundred yards distance.

Expediency vs. Flexibility and Cost

The expediency of not having to transport yet another tool that can get lost has its compensations. And when you’re directed up on that bull elk coming over the point, do you want to take your eyes besides hands off to fumble into your coat pouch for your rangefinder?

The tradeoff to that expediency is versatility as well as cost. The best scope for the money can only go plus work with your rifle. If not you plan on separating your scope. This is an important item for a special reason.

But if you fit the sketch, it can be a good product. Maximum models have wireless, or other remote activate so that you can range lacking taking your eyes off the scope. Maximum also have bullet-drop compensation technology.

Reliable brand

Scopes are ended by many prominent producers and put to the final tests before being sold to you. Particular of the most popular scopes on the bazaar today comprise Leopold air rifle scopes, UTG, Daisy and many more. However, there are over four thousand scope manufacturers. Hitting what you are pointing for in the main motive for adding a scope to your shooting gear, so finding the correct scope by the right producer is key!

The best brand of air rifle scopes is BSA as soon as it comes to getting the value you need along with the correctness you demand. It is astonishing the things you can do when you have the correct scope for your air gun. Only then you will be able to amaze all your buddies with the gunshots you can make, whether they are choosing off a rabbit or striking the bulls-eye over and over again.


When getting an air rifle scope, make certain you buy a tripod if you don’t by now have one. This will firm your view. Even the slightest drive will negatively affect your sight when looking at pictures with such high magnification. Moreover, always have a lens cover. Contingent on who you ask, your lens is the most vital part of your scope, so using a cover is the most excellent thing you can do to hold onto your scope in flawless condition.

Our Top Pick

BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope with Side Parallax Adjustment and Multi-Grain Turret, Black Matte
UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope
Buy Now On Amazon
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Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO Winchester Scope (Black, 4 x 32)
BSA 3-9X40 Sweet 22 Rifle Scope with Side Parallax Adjustment and Multi-Grain Turret
Brand: BSA
Color: Black Matte
Dimensions: 18.5″ x 4″ x 3″
Sport Type: Hunting
Weight: 1 Pounds
UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope – Up To 500 Yards Covered!
Brand: UTG
Color: Black
Sport Type: Hunting
Weight: 0.87 Pounds
Dimensions: 9.84″ x 3.35″ x 3.94″
Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 32 AO – A Novice’s Choice!
Brand: Daisy
Color: Multi
Sport Type: Airsoft Rifles

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number before x means?

Magnification power is the core reason we want a spotting scope. To begin, we have to understand how to read the power of a scope. You might see something like 12-36x50mm or 32x50mm. Usually, the numbers afore to the x signify how many times extra the naked eye can see with the aid of that scope. Most scopes don’t go beyond 45x, at this place, there aren’t many practical uses for it. The big the objective lens the scope has, the more light it can convey.

What USER technologies do we have today in an air rifle scope?

The first expertise that comes to mind in mechanizing is LCDs, SD card storage, and wireless video broadcast. Others take in microcircuit board camera IR night vision besides starlight night vision. These merely integrate expertise with the scope’s visual field. The handling of the image data for decision making is also conceivable. Technology has enhanced a visual monitor to just about everything over the last twenty years. Google even circulated HUD eyeglasses which throw visual information on the glasses lens for seeing.

What are the fields of view and does it change with magnification?

The field of View condition is usually condensed and shows both yards and meters. If the field of view is 170 yards to 90 yards, it denotes that at the lowest exaggeration, you can see 170 yards across and at the maximum magnification, you can see 90 yards though. Your field of view lowers with the magnification of your riflescope. If you are firing at moving bulls, this can be a definite drawback, so you have to drop below ten times.

Adjustable magnification or fixed setting?

Each of these offers a good fight for zoom power even though many argue against it since the moving parts leave the scope open to catastrophe. Although this is hypothetically true, on balance the above three problems reduce it more practical to use a zoomed adjustable magnification over a fixed setting.


You have to make sure you do enough research and then choose the best air rifle scope that fits your air gun, your eye, and you’re firing style. Purchasing a wrong one in haste will later make you upset and demotivated from hunting. And so take your time to know completely about what your needs are and what brands are ready to offer them.

Using an air scope can help you be a more successful chaser. So get on the right track to success by buying the perfect air scope without breaking your budget. Good luck this hunting season!

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