What Is Eye Relief On A Scope? – [Eye Relief Explained]

What does eye relief on a scope mean?

Have you experienced a smack in the face with your rifle scope? If yes then it is for your scope that has not the eye relief installed. Even you have the view from your scope in the whole, but you have to scrunch your neck while having the view, the eye relief is not set … Read More

What Do Spotting Scope Numbers Mean?

What Do Spotting Scope Numbers Mean

Today I will talk about the best and powerful optic tool to enjoy sight or land view and bird watching. To get the best spotting scope, you have to know a lot about the scope. Even if you know what you are taking, the numbers of the scope will confuse you a lot. What do … Read More

How to Mount a Rifle Scope (7 Proven Tactics)

how to mount a rifle scope

As you already know that an improperly mounted rifle scope will not shoot precisely. But yet, you know that? Lots of people are there who are hiring some other people to mount their rifle, whereas some of them are shooting with the wrong mounted rifle scope. There are a couple of factors to take care … Read More

How Can I Clean The Inside Of A Rifle Scope? [Don’t Do It]

Due to extended use of a rifle scope, a frequently asked question is that- How can I clean the inside of a rifle scope? The ans is don,t do this. You can’t clean the inside of a rifle scope. Only if your scope lens get dirty you can clean it using some components like lens … Read More

Hunting Guide: How to Use a Rifle Scope?

rifle scope using

Photo Credit:  Scopes For Ruger 10/22 If you like hunting prey, it is vital to ensure that you know and recognize how to use a rifle scope. In today’s realm, rifle fanatics understand the reputation of precision once it comes to hunting game. This is one aim why they take the time to fix their … Read More

How to sight a rifle scope : Beginners Hunting Guide

Sighting is one of the key things for any kind of shooting game especially if you are involved with the big animal hunting. To make an appropriate and clean shot, you have to sight in your rifle correctly. Without gaining the sights, you can perform a perfect shot only when the pigs fly. To sight … Read More

How to Choose a Long-Range Scope Over 1000 Yards with Precision!

Pleasant hunting experience is what we literally crave for as a shooter. A tool that will improve your accuracy is the scope. What does it do? Make things easy for you. How? Well, by bringing targets closer than they really are. A scope will help you magnify the object and grab the accurate shot or … Read More

Easy Tutorial: How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting!

For a hunter, probably the happiest moment is when he or she hits a prey accurately. The feel is a phenomenon. I still remember all those memories and thrill to hunt in deep woods with my bestie. However, when I was just starting, I had a hard time making accurate shots. By then I was … Read More

Easy Pointers on How to Choose a Binoculars for Hunting!

Hunting binoculars are a very vital thing to any hunter. They can also be a great asset if you like to go fishing or hiking. Hunting binoculars would be good to use outdoors, maybe in rough landscapes. So it is important to seek for a pair which are made to last and face to the … Read More

How to Hunt Squirrel with smart and Perfect Strategy!

Squirrels are watchful, but curious animals. They can often be tough to find at times. However, with a little intellect and common sense, you will have a prosperous hunt your first time out! Squirrels can also give a nourishing source of diet. Squirrel meat has little fat and cholesterol, and the flavor is delightful as … Read More

Hunter’s Guidebook: How to Sight in Night Vision Scope!

What exactly are night vision scopes? They are rifle fixed scopes, like average scope sights. However, these are popular for using for night hunting. They bring in whatever type of light is obtainable, and in few cases, nearly turn night into day. They have so many different extra accessories and can count in thermal imaging … Read More

Best Rifle Scope Under $300 – [Top 7 Picks For Hunting]

best rifle scope under $300

You can find a good and decent quality scope under $300 that can easily aim and shoot at your target just like you wish for. But choosing the perfectly good one is quite difficult as the market is overwhelmed with a lot of scopes at this price range. Now if you aren’t sure what to … Read More

Best Scope For .308 In 2019: [Top 10 Editors Picks]

best scope for .308

You will find different power scope for .308 rifle. Distance, clarity and solid construction- that are the things you want in your rifle scopes. Some scopes have fixed magnification some has variables. Some other factors define the scope’s integrity. That is why we prepared a guide so you can understand about the rifle what to … Read More

7 Best Fixed Power Scope to Grab the Big Game Trophies

best fixed power scope

A scope will be the eye of your rifle. That’s the most prominent thing that you need to remember once you decide to buy one. Any compromise in the quality will lead you to awful results. You definitely don’t want that! Most of the time people will want to spend a lot of time researching … Read More

Shooter’s Seek: The Best Shotgun Scopes 2019! [Top 6 Picks]

Best Shotgun Scopes

Hunting is a whole infatuation to me! It’s more than a hobby and something I was always very passionate about from the day I first went to the woods with my dad. He brought me to this exceptional world of chasing preys and feeling the thrill that I never got from anything else. Undoubtedly one … Read More

Best AR 15 Scope Reviews Under $200 – [Top 9 Picks For 2019]

best ar 15 scope under $200 or $100

One of the most popular hunting rifles in today’s market is perhaps the AR-15 Platform. Even if the actual root is military, it still is a standard for hunting activities. It’s a perfect type rifle for small varmints and predator control. In short Ar-15 is light, reliable and an accuracy based weapon. Once you get … Read More

How To Choose Rifle Scope Mounts – [Top 5 Mount Reviewed]

How to Set Up your rifle scope

An expensive top graded rifle won’t be workable unless you fit scope mounts properly. Poor combination of scope mount and rifle your hunting or shooting would be useless. Even the worst experience of life and loose of interest in hunting or shooting. So, before buying should know how to fix the scope mount and balance … Read More

What size scope rings do I need? – Beginners Guide

What size scope rings do I need

Most of the new shooter and hunter face problem measuring their scope ring size. Here I provided a formula to help you determine the ideal ring size for a particular type of rifle. But the calculated figure will vary a little depending on the types of chassis you measure for. What size scope rings do … Read More

What Scope Does The Military Use? – Beginners Guide

What Scope Does The Military Use?

You might aware or not modern weapons based on military design, and engineering is very popular among civilian firearms fans. Like, the AR-15. Its made based on military M4 and become extremely popular from the starting. Military scopes are not fixed in one or two places. There are so many choices out there as military … Read More

Best Spotting Scope Under $500 – [Top 12 Picks For Hunting]

best spotting scope under $500

Spotting scopes are nothing but a tiny telescope that comes with a mini focal length. The design helps to do terrestrial observation that is beyond the typical binoculars ranges. Hunters or shooter can easily target and evaluate games even from a huge distance. Also, it helps to figure out if the animal in observation is … Read More

Best Rifle Scope Under $200 – [Top 11 Picks For The Money]

Best Rifle Scope Under $200 & $100

Scopes are one of the most important tools for hunting rifles. Every hunter once in a while should think about getting a quality scope. It is not important to buy the high-end scope but to get a tool that fulfills your necessity. Identify the characteristics and type of scope essential for your hunting style. Also, … Read More

What Distance To Zero Air Rifle Scope? – Beginners Guide

What Distance To Zero Air Rifle Scope

Zeroing a rifle scope is very important to get an accurate shot. There have many factors you need to consider while zeroing your air rifle. Now, as a new hunter you may have confusion about zeroing distance of a rifle scope. What Distance To Zero Air Rifle Scope? A medium range of 30 yards is … Read More

How to Set Up your rifle scope: Tips from Experience

How to Set Up your rifle scope

If you are a newbie in the shooting, your search is reliable and acceptable for me. But if you are there for quite some time and you still don’t know the process of setting up a rifle scope, it is very disappointing. Maintaining a rifle scope is like a key thing for the shooters. So, … Read More

5 Best Compact Binoculars For Hunting – [ Under $100 In 2019 ]

Best Compact Binoculars Under 100

Compact binoculars are easy to carry and can even be kept in the pockets of your jacket or pants.With today’s advanced technology binoculars are more than just devices that bring far away images closer. If you pick the right product you will be amazed at how great the image quality is. And how much range … Read More

Best Night Vision Scope Under $1000 [Hog & Coyote Hunting Gear]

Best Night Vision Scope Under 1000

No matter how well our eyes see during the day or how perfect our aim is, during the night or in surroundings with poor natural lighting we miss out on a lot more than we realize. During night time, a regular riflescope will not help much because our eyes cannot see every detail without the … Read More